Alpha Sauna's products have attracted a large number of European, North American and even some emerging tourist countries such as South Korea and Japan in recent years, because of our superior quality and reasonable prices. They are a group with wholesalers, contractors and Terminal customer. Alpha sauna's products meet different levels of customer needs, because of the flexible customized ability that can meet customers in different markets need. Besides, we  also receive many positive feedback from our customers or introduce our company to other local buyers. 


Here, we are very happy to share with you some beautiful pictures and feedback on our Alpha sauna products and Affirmation Here, you will see different business experience of our company and other friendly countries, many various interesting negotiations and meaningful cooperation strategies we have experienced. Among those market,, the most representative is the emerging country: South Korea. South Korea is a country with high quality requirements. The quality demand has always followed Japan. It is no different for  Switzerland and Sweden in Europe. 


In recent years, the tourism industry of this country has risen. They are interested in  outdoor round barrel saunas and wooden hot tub with same Europe gradually. In recent months, Korean dealers and engineers purchaser  have been practicing with our exported department, and some are asking about outdoor round saunas, outdoor camping cabins, outdoor wooden hot tub etc. Their local holiday wooden villa are popular, and some customers have feedback that they are not satisfactory with other supplier for not qualified products.  they have to hire a local woodworker to customize, but it is too expensive then expected. After receiving the outdoor round sauna and wooden hot tub of the Alpha Sauna, they have always praised our products and are very grateful to us. 


We are gradually expanding the scope of cooperation. In addition, there are a variety of customers in Europe who have their own trademarks.who also chose our Alpha Sauna Company as their OEM supplier. After testing for half a year for sample, We are already negotiating 40' cabinet orders after sample’s satisfactory.





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