A barrel sauna and hot tub at Mount Fuji


A barrel sauna and hot tub at Mount Fuji


Today alphasauna team were very happy to receive a feedback from a Japanese customer about the cedar barrel sauna and wood hot tub, which gave a high evaluation on the quality of our products.Let's have an interview with Linda to see how she closed the deal and what problems she met in communication with the customer.



QHi Linda, have you received feedback from customers in which country today?And what are the customers buying and what are our products?


A:Yes.This is a customer from Japan.The customer purchased the Dia 1500*1000mm cedar wood hot tub with electrical heater and Dia 2100*3600mm barrel sauna room which with harvia electrical heater ,600mm porch and 800mm changing room from our factory . They installed products in the camping area, and when they sit in the sauna, they can see the snow scenery of Mount Fuji from the small window, which is really exciting .As you can see ,in the sauna room there are some beautiful sauna accessories.There's also a tub on the side where you can soak in hot water to relieve stress. 


QCedar wood is actually very scarce on the market now, but how do customers buy cedar material?


A:First of all, the size of the sauna purchased by the customer is relatively large, he has the demand for customized sauna, and our company has its own factory, we can provide customers with OEM&ODM service, we customized the size the customer wants, the customer is very satisfied with our customized service. Secondly, the price of our cedar wood is very reasonable in the whole market, and customers come back to us to buy after comparing the quotations of many suppliers.



QWe all know that the voltage in Japan is 110V, but the voltage in China is 220-240V. May we ask how do you solve the customer's concerns?


AWe suggest the customer to buy our heater and ask the electrician to modify the voltage, and then the customer's voltage problem will be well solved. Customer is very happy to solve the problem of voltage between two places.



Thank you very much for Linda's wonderful answer. Finally, let's show the customer's feedback chart:






Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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