A friend from Thailand, bring a growth of Alphasauna
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A friend from Thailand, bring a growth of Alphasauna

Dec. 8th, 2019, the visitor to our company today is from Thailand who specialize in sauna accessories and steam generator machines. This customer has six wholesalers, and his annual generator machine purchases range from 50-300. He came to China this time mainly because the bad quality of the products supplied by Chinese suppliers. The performance of steam generators he purchased was very unstable, and the supplier could not solve the after-sales problem at the same time, so he had to re- consider changing a supplier. The Thai customer found our company through the Alibaba International Station platform. Before he visited our company, he had already visited several factories but he was not satisfied.
This Thai customer come to our company mainly to understand the steam generator process. When we took him from the station to our company, the customer was first shocked by the rich sauna accessories in our company's exhibition hall. He said that he had never seen a factory with such a complete sauna accessories in China. According to the plan, the customer, under the guidance of our engineers, visited the main parts and production process of the steam engine's chassis, circuit board, controller and other parts. In the following time, the customer visited the sauna products in our showroom. The first is our sauna accessories, from wooden buckets and ladles of various styles to thermometers and hygrometers, followed by a series of products such as hourglasses, pillow backrests, sauna clocks, sauna doors, etc., from materials to crafts, to our unique design has been understood and amazed. Next is our sauna room, from the traditional vertical sauna to the barrel sauna room, the customer under our leadership to understand the details of the sauna including the wood materials, assembly process, etc... When talking to our wooden hot tub done without glue, just by assembly waterproof technology, customers shows big amazed.
Under our guidance, the customer also made a detailed visit to our factory. During the visit, the customer repeatedly said that we have been looking for but can't find a manufacturer like you. Now I found it, I feel very happy. After visiting the factory, we had a pleasant meal with the customer. After the meal was finished, we sent the customer to the station. At this point, the reception of the customer was finished.
The good news is that after the customer visited, the customer gave us an order for the sauna accessories. Although it is not a big one, it gives us a lot of encouragement, so that we can do more with confidence. Every product, every customer is treated with more care.
Exhibition hall scene
Learning sauna accessories
Visit barrel sauna
Sauna room function discuss
Sauna buckets
Learning the struture of traditional sauna room
Discuss traditional sauna room
Attemperator of Generator
Thermostat with drain pipe
Steam generator circuit board
Steam engine case housing
Have a group photo taken with thailand customer