A order of thermowood hemlock from my England customer.


Im very happy and excited to receive the order from a England customer,would like to share this special experience with you.

This is a inquiry from RFQ,which is about inquiring of our barrel sauna.

This is a customer from England,he is looking for a barrel sauna for 4-6persons,need the price in red cedar,included the shipping to his address.

It is no any problems for us from his requirement,we can provide better help for him.

I quote him a price in red cedar of Dia1800*1800mm for reference.

After he checked the quotation and compare with other suppliers,and kindly feedback to us ,the price in cedar is too expensive,and ask if we can give him a discount?

There is no doubt that the price of cedar wood is generally very expensive in the sauna market,because the Because cedar logging is restricted by the Canadian government and controlled by import shipments,due to the crazy price on market due to shortly supply this wood,we would like to help customer to save his money,and recommend a thermowood hemlock,which are popular in Europe market.

At the first time ,he dont learn more about thermowood,and Im very patiently explain to him what is thermowood,which is  treated by high-temperature carbonization technology of about 200 degrees. Because its nutrients are destroyed, it has better anti-corrosion and insect-proof functions,the functions is similar with cedar,and colour of surface is close also,and sent some real photos of thermowood to him,he feel surprised,and cant wait to know the price,he also want to quote the pine to compare.

Of course to provide the price for him reference, there are no any reply from him until a few days,he back to us ,and accept the thermowood hemlock ,and want to order4 sets from us,Im very happy to hear that ,at the same time, feel the sad as to quote the wrong price of thermowood,customer want to keep the same price,and I talk to my manager for this situation.

Finally decided to keep the same,because he order thermowood which is promoting,after a pleasant conversation between the two sides.My England customer pay for the deposit to us right now.

Furthermore,he was pleased to know the production process will be updated to him with production photos.

In order to help my customer to promote his products better ,we can supply the HD photos for him. Most of the time, we understand a new product needs to be advertised to open the market.

My customer are very satisfied with our service,which he never meets ,will be cooperation with us for long time.

Thank for trusting alphasauna,the price exactly deserve with the quality from alphasauna.



Alphasauna products are sold worldwide.

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