bucket shower for sauna How to Decorate a Plastic Bucket

by:ALPHA     2019-07-03
bucket shower for sauna How to Decorate a Plastic Bucket
Plastic buckets are available in a variety of sizes and colors, but are not usually decorated.If you intend to use your bucket on special occasions, such as holding a gift or food at a birthday or anniversary party, then consider decorating it.Decorating your bucket will turn it from a pure functional item to a part of the decoration, and you may even create something over and over again.
For example, a bucket decorated to store baby shower gifts can be used to store diapers in a baby's room after birth.Choose a theme for your plastic bucket.If you use it on a special occasion, plan a theme that matches the occasion.If not, then choose a design and color that matches your home or workplace, or a design that will only be interesting.
Outline the design plan in detail.
Maybe you want to wrap a ribbon around the plastic bucket, or use a shell to line the edge of the plastic bucket.Maybe you want to cover the whole bucket with dots.The sketch will help you finalize your design and understand what materials you need to purchase.
Decorate the interior of the plastic bucket.For a little whimsy, try to write a message at the bottom of the bucket with a permanent mark.Alternatively, create a design or message below the inner edge of the bucket.
Decorate the outside of the barrel.
Start at the bottom of the design.
For example, if you cover the bucket with a sparkling heart, then add a bow and start from the bottom of your heart.Draw a heart shape on the bucket with a flash pen, and then make the bow completely dry before you stick it to the bucket.Or, use a permanent mark on the outside, as you might do on the inside of the barrel.
The color permanent mark is easy to write on the plastic, but as the ink cannot be removed, please be careful not to make mistakes.Decorate the edge of the barrel.This should be the last thing to do, as this is the hardest part, and if you touch it while decorating the outside of the bucket, it can be destroyed.Track a line of hot glue on the edge of the bucket, and then put the decorative items into the glue.
Select items that match the bucket theme.
For example, if the bucket is to be equipped with gardening tools, decorate the edge of the bucket with silk flowers.Add something to the handle.Most plastic buckets have handles.Try adding a Rafiya bow to the handle, or if the bucket is going to hold a gift, tie a gift label to the handle
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