build a wooden hot tub How to Build a Dehydrator

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Building a sun-Electric food dehydrator is a good alternative to electric dehydrator, which is expensive and consumes a lot of energy.Because the model is light weight, you can move it to the sunest place in the yard.Choose dehydration from a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.Because toxic smoke seeps into food during dehydration.When operating the power tool, please follow all safety warnings on the power tool and wear safety goggles.When selecting Wood, lay it on each side to make sure the wood is flat on all sides.Don't cut all the wood in advance;To save mistakes, cut it down when you need it.Double-Check all dimensions before cutting.Top dehydrate box, using transparent acrylic plastic sheet and cutting from oneby-The two framed it.Cut one with a diagonal saw-by-16 in 2Two 25-inch.inch pieces.Stick the pieces together with the glue to make a rectangle.Hold it and dry it.After drying, place the wooden rectangle on a flat surface and place the transparent acrylic sheet on it.Paper should be about 1 inch away from all edges when living.Drill the plastic into the wood using rotozip, drill into five evenlyThe interval hole on the longer side and the four holes on the shorter side.Make sure to use a low torque setting to prevent plastic cracking.Screw in 1/2-Where pre-inch screws:Drill holes.You now have the top of the dehydrator.At the bottom, cut two rectangles 2-using a diagonal saw-by-4-25-1 inch ventInches on both sides, there is a hole in each corner.Next, cut the reinforcements for the part at the bottom.Cut a 17-From 1-inch piecesby-two.Place it at the bottom between the two vents.Drill three evenlyInsert the gap hole through the reinforcement with 7/16 drill bit and screw 1 1/4 into the bottomInch screw into the hole.Then cut into 2Inch pieces and two 12 1/2inch pieces.Top 25-Inch blocks flush with the front of the bottom block and drill five evenlyPass the holes through the bottom to help prevent them from being in 1 1/4-inch screws.Put 12 1/2-Inch pieces flush with both sides, connecting each one evenly with threespaced screws.The remaining 25-Inch piece flush with the end of 12 1/2-Inch block and connect evenly with fivespaced screws.Using a herringbone saw, cut four pieces from twoby-Four, each 1/2 long.These will be legs.Take a leg and place one end vertically below the frontThe top right corner of the bottom block.Drill the two holes at the bottom into the legs using the 7/16 drill bit, then drill into the 1/2-Inch screw into the hole.Repeat with another leg in the front corner opposite.Then cut two 3-From 1 inch pieces-by-Two support pieces.Put these pieces at the top-The back of the leg using glue.At 1/4-The screws in each inch should be fixed in place.Now align the two hind legs with the reinforcement on the other side, insert from the back 5 inch and drill two 1/2-Inch screws enter each leg through the reinforcement.Cut two 1-Two 18-From two inches-by-two.Place an 18-The inch between the two front legs, about 5 inch from the ground (or what the ground is, because you will most likely lift it up --down).Drill a 2 1/2-Tilt the inch screw to each side and fix the support beam between the legs.Do the same thing with 18-Inch support between the two hind legs.For side support beams, place 1-Foot blocks between the front legs and hind legs on both sides, about 18 inch from the ground, with 2 1/2-inch screws.Be sure to pre-Drill with a 7/16 bit before drilling into the screw to avoid wood splitting.Take these two In 4 18-16-inch two pieces 1/2-inch pieces.Gather both 19-by-19-The inch side block you cut in step 2.One of 18-glueInch blocks along one side of the side Block, flush with the top, so there is a 1-Inches gap from the bottom.Do the same thing on the other side.Drill five 1/4-From the outside of the box to every two inch screws-by-Make sure they are in place.Take a 16 1/2 now-Inch block and place it flush with the top of the side block to fit it comfortably in two 18-Inch block and glue it in place.Drill three 1/4-Insert the support piece from the inch screw on the other side of the board.Repeat on the other side.Cover the area at the bottom with wood glue and the side blocks will attach there.Place the side blocks on the flush glue and align with the bottom with the support facing the inside of the box.When you drill four evenly, let an assistant keep the side block in placeUsing a 7/16 bit, enter the interval hole at the bottom through the bottom of the side block.Drill 1/4 now-Inch screws for these holes.Do the same for the other side.You should now have two walls of the box as shown.It looks like you have a prominent part at the back of the vent hole, but that should be the case.Apply some wood glue on the top of both sides.Place the top on the top of the side block to ensure accurate alignment with both walls.Once you align every corner perfectly and everything is flush, clip it down.Use rotozip to drill four evenly carefullyThe gap hole that extends down to the side wall through both sides of the top.Drill 1/4 now-Fix the inch screws in these holes.Cut four 2 1/2-From two inches-by-Two as shelf brackets.Place one of them on the inside of the side wall, flush with the front support beam, about 12 inch up from the bottom.When you drill two holes from the outside of the wall with a 7/16 bit, let the assistant keep it in place.Drill 1/4 now-Inch screws in these holes to fix it.Screw another 2 1/2-Back to the inch part of the same wall that supports the beam, make sure it stays level with the other one you just installed.Repeat these steps on the opposite wall.Cut two 24 1/2-From 1 inch pieces-by-Two to create the shelf you will put the screen on.Place them horizontally in the box at the top of the two boxesby-The twos you just installed in the previous step.You can also add extra shelves if you want.Note, though, that the more shelves you add, the less ventilation you have, which will make the top shelf hotter than the rest.Align the back of the box so that it is flush with the side wall and bottom.Drill five evenly spaced holes to the bottom using a 7/16 drill bit along the bottom of the rear workpiece and drill four evenlyEnter the Side block along the gap holes on the left and right sides.Drill 1 1/4-Inch screws for these holes.Center one side of the hinge along the top of the dehydrator box and use a 7/16 bit to pass through each hole.Use the screws that come with the hinge and manual screwdriver--not a drill --Screw them in placeNow do the same for the other side of the hinge, but place it on the inside of the front.When the hinge is installed, it is likely that you will have to keep the front in the open position to get the proper angle.To prevent bugs from coming in and eating your snacks, you need to cover up the vent holes at the bottom of the dehydrator box.Cut 2 mesh material 4-by-6-2-inch cover-by-4-inch holes.Use a DingTalk gun to hold the screen material in place, making sure to tighten the screen after each DingTalk.Finally, you can put the window screen on the shelf in the box and start to dehydrate your favorite fruits and vegetables.Spray fresh lemon juice to prevent the food from becoming Brown during dehydration.When putting food on the shelves, separate them far enough so that the air can flow between them.Once your food is dehydrated to your liking, store your dehydrated items in plastic bags or Mason jars.If you notice any uneven cracks on the wood or parts, you can use the wood sealant to properly seal to make sure the heat stays inside and the bugs stay outside.
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