build a wooden lampshade How to Build a Chandelier

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A room can easily add more interest to your space.If you want to add one to your home, you will be excited to find it easier to build one yourself than you think.The device is fairly simple, but the Edison bulb offers additional interest in taking this part to a new level.With basic knowledge of electrical wiring, a little time, a few fixture parts, you can have your own modern fixture.The following figure shows the parts needed to assemble each arm of the chandelier.Three 1/2 per arm-inch-Long brass rod (upper left), one 11-inch-Long brass rod (bottom), a 4-The back of the road arm (middle) three E-26 lamp sockets (upper right.Thread 2 1/2inch-The long brass tube is inserted into the top and bottom of the back of the arm.Insert two wires through the back of the arm, so the end extends about 2 inch through one of the 2 1/2 long brass bars.11-one of the locationsinch-As shown in the figure, the long brass pipe stretches out from the back of the arm and cuts the wire so that about 2 inch of the wire extends to the end.Wires need to run in pairs-One for positive "hot" wires and one for neutral wires.The lamp parts supplier will carry wires with thin sheaths of different colors, which makes it easy to bend through the arm.The wiring practice stipulates that the "hot" positive line can be red, black or yellow, while the neutral line should be white.Repeat step 3, cut the wires so that they will extend 2 inch over the final 2 1/2-inch pipe stem.Insert two wires directly into 2 1/2-Inch tube stem and arm back.You will now have two sets of wires sticking out from the end of 2 1/2-11-inch stem and a set of wiresInch tube Rod perpendicular to 2 1/2-Tube stem in inches.Slide 2 1/2-Inch tube Rod and 11-Inch pipe rods on the wire and screw them into the remaining sockets on the back of the arm.The lower half of the thread-2 1/2-26 light outlets on each of theminch arms.Cut off the wires and make them stick out about 1 inch from the socket.Using a combination tool, peel out 1/2 of the sheath and expose the metal conductor line to the inside.The front end of the socket and the wire of the neutral terminal.Normal practice will have front screw terminals as brass-Color screw, the color of the negative screw terminal is silver.On the top and bottom arms (where the two pairs of wires are squeezed), install the positive line on the positive screw terminal, and install the neutral line on the negative screw terminal.Always make sure the conductor wraps the terminal screw clockwise, so the conductor pulls in when the screw is tightened.Ensure the top half of each outlet is safe.Depending on the design of the socket, this will either include fixing it in place or sometimes a tightening fixing screw.Repeat steps 1-The remaining three chandelier arms.Apply the thread locker to the end of the pipe Rod and screw it into the chandelier body.Make sure each arm is straight and allow thread lockers to heal.Repeat the remaining three chandelier arms.Cut two wires about 30 inch long for the top chandelier Rod (this will connect to the top canopy ).Peel 1/2 of the insulation from both ends of the wire in the cluster and use the wire nut to pair all positive lines with 30-inch-Long straight line.Repeat it with a neutral wire and plug the nut into the cluster.Insert two 30-The inch-long wire passes through the cover at the top, then slides the cover down and screws it to the body.Slide the 24-inch-The long tube rod on the two wires and screw it into the main body of the chandelier.Note: the length of the pipe used for this fixture will depend on the height of your ceiling and the desired hanging height of the chandelier.The photo below shows the parts needed to assemble the canopy at the top of the chandelier.The canopy will need a crossbar assembly (left), one with 1/16-inch-Wide sliding holes (center) and 1 1/16Inch slip hole holder (right ).Adjust the crossbar assembly to make the crossbar slightly inside the brass canopy.Need to slide the fixing nut and brass canopy over 24-inch-Long pipe Rod when the beam is placed for installation.Turn off the circuit breaker using a voltage tester and verify that the housing line in the box does not have a power supply.Once you confirm that the power is off, install the horizontal bar on the electric box, fix it with the mounting screws, and then connect the positive and neutral lines to the wiring of the House --The straight line of the black or red house line, the neutral line of the White House line.Fix the ground wire on the crossbar with the fixing screw.Slide the canopy up to the slide hole holder and thread it on the holder nut to secure the canopy to the ceiling.Install the bulb and turn the circuit breaker back on to restore the power supply.The chandelier may be much heavier than the fixture it is replacing, and it is important that the ceiling box is sturdy and reliable enough to handle the weight.Ceiling may require additional reinforcement and support if you have questionsA task of an electrician.
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