build a wooden lampshade How to Make a Wire Lampshade Frame

by:ALPHA     2019-06-08

People like to express themselves through their decorative style, even something seemingly mundane like a lampshade.But sometimes you need to do this when you can't find the ideal statement section.Fortunately, with some simple household items, you have a perfect way to create a unique lampshade in modern art.Use pliers to spread the neck of each hanger and straighten the metal.Press the curled spots with pliers and remove the ridges from the wire.Determine the diameter of your lampshade.Refer to the old lampshade, or cut a few paper circles to see what works best.Try to start with a standard size paper tray and get it up and down from there.Use the right-Make the top of the wire lampshade frame as a pattern.Wrap a wire around to make it the same diameter as your paper circle.Winding extra wires with vineslike way.You will end up with a wire "wreath" on the diameter of the lampshade ".Use pliers to curl the end of the wire to the inside of the frame.Repeat it with another wire to make the bottom of the lampshade frame.Measure how high you want your wire lampshade frame, then cut the remaining wire hanger into height measured height plus 2 inch per height.Connect a vertical part to the top frame.Keep the vertical part so that the 1 inch extends above the circular frame.Fold the excess inch over and over again using pliers so it goes around the frame.Press the end firmly with pliers to close it.Repeat with the remaining vertical parts until all parts are connected to the top frame part.Connect each vertical part to the bottom frame.Use the same process as attached to the top frame.Bend a hanging wire into a tight circle and place it around the bulb socket.Cut the end of the wire to remove the excess.Place this new circle in the middle of the bottom frame.Then connect the three lines from the frame to this inner circle, each of which is equal to the distance of the other lines.Use pliers to bend the wires around the inner outer circle.Place the small circle on the bulb socket on the lamp to make sure the shadow is right.If the three lines you added make the inner circle too tight, then loosen the inner ring slightly and try again.
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