build your own wooden hot tub kit how to build your own dream home? -

by:ALPHA     2019-06-29
build your own wooden hot tub kit how to build your own dream home? -
How to build your own barn, Post, beam or house?Would you like to know how to build something without neighbors?Something unique that reflects your style, not cookiesBut a real wooden frame or a barn with beams and poles.Let's take a look at the nuts and bolts that build our own post and beam house.This is how it works step by step.You can see how easy it is to build your own wood frame barn.
These steps assume that your foundation is complete and ready to start the construction of the beams and beams.These steps are designed to show you how easy it is to build a barn.Assemble your curvature (the frame of the barn ).
This is easy to do.
First look at your plan and determine where to place which Wood.These plans will show the skeleton they go to your barn.Using the forklift area, all of your Woods are in the right position according to the plan.
Place them above the level and fix them with bolts and steel plates.Increase your salesUsing a heavy-The Duty telescopic forklift can enhance the bending and place it on the basis of the pillars and beams House.2x6 nails strengthen your poles and fix them on the floor or foundation.
They are then secured with brackets and anchor bolts.When your folds are lifted, tie them together with 2x6 grooves and 3x6 pur bars.Nail them in at least 16 bags or screws 3 to 4 inch from the platform.
From the structure of your warehouse, you will definitely continue to increase sales.Nail your roof to the bark and boat, and nail it to the back in the area.Use at least 8 bolts with a ring tip, or 2 to 3Inch Screw Plate.
The pneumatic frame nail gun is ideal for placing these plates.An air gun will do a tedious job.Install the roof.It is important to have your incredible barn as soon as possible.Install a wooden tile or steel roof just like install any other post and beam.
Fiber-This barn style reinforced asphalt panel is also good.They are made of recycled asphalt, which makes it an excellent ecological solution for the roof.These ripples add to the traditional look of the barn.
Wrap up your door and install your window.The installation of your door is easy.Just turn on your tracks and equipment in the area.Then slide your door onto the track on the track.
You can have the installation complete blocks.Windows is easy.All you have to do is cut the rough opening, cut the frame with 2x6 and install the frame window.Then cut the windows with some 1x3 slats.The best thing about the Poles and the barn is that you can place windows almost anywhere.
The wooden frame is independent and does not need to be added with the title.It is not supported by walls.Building attic and stairs.DingTalk in the middle of your loft 16 inch.Then cover them with a loft of 1x8 and nail them in place.
Now, build your stairs.
Cut the gap 2x10 steps in place on your 2x10 strings and nails.Enjoy your barn and celebration.Invite your friends and family to a big old manOld Barn partyGet plenty of pictures and share them with your friends.Upload your photos and share your story with the world online.
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