build your own wooden hot tub kit how to build your own sauna -

by:ALPHA     2019-06-29
build your own wooden hot tub kit how to build your own sauna -
In the previous post, we discussed how to select a location for your sauna and prepare it by installing the necessary plumbing and electrical connections.Now let's discuss how to build a real sauna!If there is no existing frame, the frame must be installed.The frame refers to the wooden nails that will be connected to the side and ceiling of the sauna.
The frame can be made by two-by-four or two-by-6 pieces of wood, should have upright pillars every 16 inch m.The room needs to be insulated once the frame is in place.The insulation is placed between the frame columns of the wall and the ceiling, saving energy by keeping the heat in the room.
Insulation is covered by a steam barrier to prevent moisture build-upInside the insulating material.The foil steam barrier also helps to reflect the heat back to the sauna.The next step is to build the wall.Tongue-and-In order to avoid the exposure of metal nails, groove wood was used.
Exposed nail heads are dangerous as they can burn the skin at high temperatures in the room.Sauna in Finland is usually built with Nordic white spruce or western red cedar.From the beginning of the floor, start to nail the wood to the bolts inside the frame.
Pass the nails through the tongue part of the wood to avoid exposure.Cut the wood so that it fits evenly from corner to corner.When another person installs wood, allowing one person to cut wood can maximize efficiency.
Continue to add rows from time to check the wood level.This is how every wall is built.The ceiling was finished.Install pre-Hanging the door is easier than hanging the door yourself.The molding can be applied to the corner of the room to make it look finished.
Finally, benches can be installed.
Pre-You can buy artificial benches from sauna stores or you can build them yourself.Make sure there are no nails or exposed metal parts on the bench.You can install a ceramic floor after completing all the wood products.
This just glue the tiles under the floor and fill the space in the middle with grouting.Allow enough time for ceramic cement to dry before applying mud.After the tiles are laid, the wood floor is placed on the ceramic floor because the tiles are too hot to stand at high temperatures.
The floor panel needs to be removable in order to clean the tiles.When the internal work is completed, the sauna heater can be installed in place and connected to the power supply.The outer wall of the sauna room can be paneled, and the towel rack can be installed outside the door.
Turn on the heater now and let it warm up for about 30 minutes.Enjoy your sauna!
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