facial sauna machine with steam inhaler Facial Steamer Repair

by:ALPHA     2019-06-19
Facial steam often helps to open pores, thus releasing blockages and draining excess oil from the skin.However, when the facial steamer does not work properly, it prevents the steamer from cleaning the skin properly.You can actually clean and repair the steamer you already have instead of buying a brand new face steamer.
This saves you money and time and allows you to continue using your facial steamer at minimal cost.Remove from the top of the facial steamer and drain all used water.Fill the top with water again and Pour 2 tablespoons.
White vinegar.
Put the top back on the device and open it.This will cause the facial steamer to produce steam containing vinegar, which will help to remove mineral accumulationThis may cause the machine to not work properly.Let the steamer run until almost all the water is gone.
Empty the facial steamer and rinse it thoroughly with water.Fill the top of the steamer with water and let it run for 30 minutes.Repeat the process as needed until the ship runs as expected.
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