facial sauna machine with steam inhaler How to Clean a Facial Steamer

by:ALPHA     2019-06-19
After a luxurious hour of pampering your skin or your client's skin, your facial steamer needs to be disinfected.Regular cleaning of Spa tools will reduce mineral deposits that may accumulate on steam vents, thus hindering the performance of the machine.Remove bacteria that may cause skin rupture or infection on the steamer or in the steamer.
Disinfection of your facial steamer will also reduce the smell and mold.Protect your skin care investment with the right care steamer.Empty all the used water.Refill the steamer with distilled water and two tablespoons of white vinegar.
The ship should be full.
Turn on the steamer switch to fully heat the machine.Other parts of the machine should not be opened.Release steam for 30 seconds.Turn the machine.Let the remaining solution be placed in the steamer for 15 minutes.
Empty the vinegar/water mixture and refill it with plain distilled water.Run the machine for another 10 minutes.Wipe the facial steamer with a damp cloth
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