hot tub with a wooden surround How Much Room Do You Need for a Drop-in Tub With Surround?

by:ALPHA     2019-06-19

Many elements of the home are customized to some extent, such as the space placedA enclosed bathtub deck is included.While some owners prefer to install bathtubs without any surround, you may want to include some type of finish elements such as tiles, slabs, marble or granite.As long as you follow the basic building code, customization will depend on the look and feel you want to implement.When you plan on the height of the tub deck, you can't simply build the deck into the height of the tub.Instead, you need to include at least a few inches of extra space.Later, when you actually set up the tub, the space is filled with foam, concrete mortar or drywall mud, allowing the tub to settle into the same material as the base profile, support the weight of the body and the weight of the water.The depth of the bathtub is the space from the front of the bathtub to the back of the wall where the bathtub is located.Not all bathtubs are set up in the space where the walls are terminated, so if you have an open bath located in the middle of the room, you don't have to worry about the space.However, in general, you should include at least 6 inch of the space in front and back of the tub, so that there is a full 1 feet of open space on the deck that exceeds the tub's face size.There are two options for the width of the bathtub.The first is when you install a bathtub deck in a predefined space that has two walls.In this case, you are limited by the width of the bathtub deck from the head of the bathtub to the foot of the bathtub, where your head and feet rest.The second option is to build your own framework in an undefined space.In this case, the same rule applies to depth: at least 6 inch of the depth on both sides is preferred.When building the deck, you can customize the frame according to your personal preference.This means that if you want to have 1 feet or more space on the tub deck outside the edge of the tub, you can include it and cover the space with tiles or other materials.As long as you are not limited by the pre-frame wall, as long as you have enough support to handle the weight of the bathtub, you can build your frame as you like.
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