hot tub with a wooden surround How to Finish the Drywall Around a Bathtub Flange

by:ALPHA     2019-06-19

The flange or edge of the bathtub is adjacent to the surface of the surrounding bathroom.The surface around the bathtub is usually tiled, with excellent waterproof performance and easy to clean.But there are dry walls around some bathtubs.Water can easily degrade the drywall, so you have to seal the edges to prevent moisture from entering the wall space behind the drywall.If you do not, moisture accumulation can lead to mold growth.In serious cases, you may have to remove the drywall to handle the mold problem inside the wall.To avoid this, fill the large gap with the joint compound, and then seal the joint with a silicone filler.Fill the drywall with the joint compound with any large gap that meets the flange.Push into enough to flush the surface, but not much of the joint compound oozes out.The compound time is allowed to turn white, indicating that it is dry and usually not more than 24 hours.Use the flange of the edge of gypsum board about 6 inch centimeters wide with glue mixture, use for one month-Dry Wall knife.Lay the paper drywall tape on the composite tape so that it will lean against the flange.The area under the tape should be completely covered by the joint compound to ensure proper adhesion.Wipe the tape flat with 6-Dry Wall knife.Work slowly to avoid scratching the tub flange.After drying, apply a layer of seam compound to the installed tape.Hide the tape, but don't apply too much of the seam compound to the point where the surface becomes pitted or wavy.Using the same method, the compound is allowed to dry completely before performing another coating.Polish your work with 150Sandpaper after the composite is dried.Do not scratch the bathtub flange.Apply a narrow silicone cauldron where the dry wall edge meets the flange.Smooth the caulking with your fingertips end so it is consistent and even uniform.Silicone caulking provides a water-tight seal.
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