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by:ALPHA     2019-06-24
Today in Spain and the rest of the world, there is a very wide and amazing choice when choosing a hot tub jacuzzi in Spain.Just like the size of people and families is different, the size and shape of the hot tub is certainly the same.When it comes to the question of how many people they can accommodate, they are also different.
For example, there are hot tubs that are small enough to accommodate two or three people.Some people, usually a couple, often think of a small bathtub as a better option, but it's always a mistake unless space is a limiting factor.If space is a limiting factor, then it is clear that the order of the day is a small bathtub.
The reason for this is that the well-designed 4/5-seat hot tub has a different seat design in terms of depth, so that in order to get more buoyancy, one eat will go deeper while the otherIn addition, there will be more and more massage locations and options for four/five seats, which is not available in a smaller hot tub.Then there are larger seats that can accommodate four to five people, and seats that can accommodate five to six people.Typically, these can be suitable for family members with friends or for a couple.
A typical double seat would say 81 "longand 55" wide with a depth of 30 "or about 2 in metric terms.06M x 1.4 m with a depth of 0.75M.This hot tub can hold about 190 gallons of water (USA) or 720 liters.This type of hot tub may have something in the range of 12 to 18 nozzles with a 2-speed 2HP motor with a 2HP blower.
Moving up, the octagonal/octagonal shape indicating the typical size will be 80 "80" with a depth of 34 ".This will have the same pump configuration as the two seats mentioned above, but will be able to accommodate 6 people and have a larger volume of water of about 400 gallons or 1,500 liters.One of the most popular types is five seats, and a recliner usually says size 82 "80" with a depth of 32 ", sometimes you can go deeper into a version of 40 \ ", or again a version with a metric depth of 2.
08M x 2.
The depth of 01 m is 0.
79 m, for a deeper version, the depth will exceed one M.The standard size will hold about 400 gallons (1,500 liters) and about 425 gallons (1,600 liters) in the deep bathtub ).You can also get a very clever designer-shaped spa, which has a stretched lounge seat that can accommodate five people in size 79 "by 73" than one on top, you can see that the water capacity is smaller in the case of 300 gallons or about 1,135 liters.
It is clear that you will get more and more additional fees when one is scaling up in cost, such as waterfalls and neck/collar jets.This size bathtub has 2 Speed 3.5 hp motors for the European market and 5 hp motors for the US as well as 2hp blowers.In a short article, one can only highlight a few ideas or options, so I limit it to a few hot tubs, as there is obviously a wide range of options.
Of course, there are more exotic hot tubs, more jets like 98 and 130 jets, and lighting systems around the water.A key question now is how people choose the right hot tub instead of ending up buying a pig in a poke or dog fish tub or wing Wang Hua tub.The answer is to buy from a mature Western manufacturer, which has been producing hot tubs for 20 years and whose products have stood the test of time.
Buy recognized control products like Balboa from California...Avoid cheap copy and make hot tub in the east.They are certainly very good at copying, but keep in mind the recent toy events, and of course their products are made under some difficult working conditions, many see it as a regime that oppresses itself and does not allow freedom of speech.
I am often asked to repair the old hot tub, and after a short time in the wild with Western-made products, it is very good to be in a place where the products made in the east suffer.We found it very easy to purchase spare parts for products made in the US.As I explained above, the options are very broad.
Multiple hot tubs availableProvide horizontal seats for people of different sizes.Some comfortable buildings-In the lounge seat.It is very important to choose a hot tub that matches the idea of perfect relaxation for yourself, and is made to the appropriate western high standards, so that it will provide you with years of reliable service.
..No matter how well packaged or disguised, it is best to avoid importing cheap goods from the east.Our experience in this area is that certain key components fail in a fairly short period of time.Usually out of warranty!!!
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