how to build a wooden barrel hot tub How to Build a Garden Pond in a Tub

by:ALPHA     2019-06-16

If you want a garden pond but have no space, time or money to build a large pondthe-The pond on the ground is small.The wine or whiskey barrel is a charming pond or if you have an old actor --The iron bathtub, that's even better.They attract wildlife, take up very little space, have no time to build, and only require very little maintenance.Put your pot pool container where you want it.Make sure the ground is packed and leveled, or sit on the terrace or paving.The pond is like the sun, with plenty of sunshine and some shade, making the plants happiest.Plug any holes in the container with a silicone caulking agent or line them up with a pond liner to seal.If your pond is in a wooden whiskey or wine bucket, be sure to put it and pre-Form PVC plastic pond pad or heavy rubber pond pad sheet.Keeping the fermented barrels can filter the matter into the pond, which may destroy the ecological balance of the pond.Place the concrete blocks at one end of the tub to set the edges and provide hiddenA hole in the fish at the opening.The top of the edge Basin should be level with the water surface.The flower pot with Lily is placed at the bottom, and the flower pot with edges is placed on the cement block.It is better to use flowerpots for plants because their roots are very aggressive, which makes it easier to maintain the pond.Soak the fragrant clay kitten litter as a potted soil.There are too many floating particles in the regular soil.Fill the pond with water.Add some water from water, puddles, ponds or ditches as a "starter" for pond ecology ".Add floating plants--Water gourd, fairy moss or lettuce.Add any fish.One or two small goldfish is enough.-And can grow quite big.A pond can support 1 inch of the fish for every 5 gallons of water, so 50-A gallon of pond can raise two fish each 5 inch long.
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