how to build a wooden barrel hot tub How to Make 55-Gallon Drum Heaters

by:ALPHA     2019-06-18

With the rising cost of fuel oil, natural gas and other home heating fuels, the source of alternative fuel heating is getting more and more attention.For homeowners with cabins or hunting cabins, alternative fuel heating plants provide funds-saving options.A cheap and effective alternative heating source is forced heatingYou can use an old 55-Gallon fuel barrelRinse the inside of the drum to remove oil from any chemical residue.Use warm water and detergent such as GreaseOr use trisodium phosphate.Rinse the barrel and repeat it if necessary until the rinse water is clean and free from pollution.Cut the 55-Use a 5-5 longitudinal gallon barrelInch electric disc grinder or cutting torch.After completion, the barrel will be like two slots, each 36 inch long.Place the grille inside the old gas or charcoal grill in half of the bucket.This will be the lower half of the barrel.Cut a 4-inch-Each end of the lower barrel has a circular hole.Mount the 4-Inch air damper on the face outside the barrel.Fixed in place with welders or sheet metal screws.Use the furnace head bolts, nuts, and lock washers to connect the three docking hinges to the back half of the lower barrel.Remove the grill casting from the old trolley-Style and discard of gas grill.Adjust the trolley as needed and weld the lower bucket half to the trolley.Drill seven 2-Each end of the upper barrel has an inch hole.Arrange the holes into 8-inch circle.Six holes are arranged around the circumference of the circle, with one hole in the center.These holes are arranged in a similar pattern at both ends of the barrel.Insert the 2-The inch black pipe passes through the holes at both ends of the barrel.The pipe will extend about inches from each end of the barrel.Weld the pipe in place.Fasten the 10-The inch thin leg flange on the pipe at one end of the upper barrel.The pipe flange is permanently welded in place, and there is no gap in the surrounding Weld.Tie the pipe.Fan mounted on pipe flange.Screw in place with sheet metal screws.Set the upper half of the barrel to the top of the lower half and use the hinge to connect the two.When done, half of the barrel should be placed on top of each other and opened using hinges so you can get into the inner cavity.Fix a dog chain between the upper and lower barrels at each end of the barrel so that when the barrel is opened, the barrel cover will be supported by the dog chain.Fill the lower half of the bucket with charcoal or hard blocks, ignite the fire and cover it.Adjust the air door to allow fresh air into the barrel to help burn.Insert pipe-mounted fan.When the flame heats the inside 2-Inch black pipe, constant temperature control fan will open and blow through pipe.Forced air will be converted to warm air as it passes in the month-Welded to the inch pipe in the barrel.When the air leaves the other end of the barrel, it distributes the heat inside the barrel to the surrounding room.
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