how to build a wooden barrel hot tub How to Make a Oak Whiskey Barrel

by:ALPHA     2019-06-17

Art of barrels-Production is called cooperation.Coopers are made of oak (especially white oak in the United States) to give flavor and color to the whisky inside.The barrel is built without nails, screws or other fasteners.They are simply wooden sticks fixed by metal bands, which means that special craftsmanship is required to make water-tight barrels (or whiskeys)Tight, depending on the situation ).It takes years for a Cooper to be proficient in a barrel-making.Cut down an old oak tree and put away the trunk.Cut 36-inch long, 1-The inch thick board from the dormitory, make sure to cut all the boards in a radial direction (through the annual rings of the trees, not tangents with them ).Stack the plates in layers and season them for at least three years to reduce moisture content.The end of the tapered plate and tilt the sides so that when the cylindrical barrel shape is adjacent to each other, they are tightly combined.The exterior of each wall is flattened and slightly hollow inside.Clamp the top of two walls on the opposite side of 21-Inch diameter metal iron ring, then stand upright with iron ring.Insert more sticks on the inside of the hoop until they fill up comfortably.Press the two slightly larger iron rings (towards the middle) on the barrel with a mallet and fix the wooden sticks in place.Brush the water to the inside of the barrel and light the fire on the ground inside the barrel.Run a lap of cable around the bottom of the barrel (where it is still too wide) and slowly tighten the cable with a winch while the barrel is heated for several hours.When the stick is closed at the bottom, pound 21-Inch metal ring at the bottom and remove the cable.Put two slightly larger hoops in the lower half, so there are always six hoops on the barrel.Put the barrel on its side and fire inside.Turn the barrel and distribute the burning material on the inner surface until it is completely burnt.Drill a hole in the side.Use the router to cut a groove inside the bracket at the top and bottom.This will keep the position at the top and bottom.Use the jigsaw puzzle to cut two matching white oak plank circles.Remove the iron rings at the top and bottom from the barrel, pry the iron rings far enough to insert the plates at the top and bottom so that they are in the groove.Replace the iron ring.
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