how to build a wooden barrel hot tub How to Make a Wood Barrel

by:ALPHA     2019-06-17

Most of modern Cooper's work is in barrel making.It takes years to make a good solid barrel and CooperAbsorb a skill in trainingThis is both technology and art.That doesn't mean you can't enjoy making your own barrels right now.Making a strong and leaking barrel is a big challenge.Free, but with the right tools and techniques, you can go well on your way to success.Find the wood of your bucket.You need rough oak planks made of trees with at least a history of 100, which contain very tight textures.The board must be empty.Worked for three years before starting to work for the barrel.Prepare wood as a stick for your bucket.Cut the wood into a barrel of high length.Taper the ends so they give your bucket a curved shape.Carve out the inner part of the stick.Put the bracket together on the iron ring called the Assembly fixture.Fill the ring with a fully enclosed wall end.Through the tension of the ring at the end of the cone, the bracket is kept in place.Place the second ring slightly larger than the first one on the bucket and move slightly down to about 1/4 of the barrel length.Hammer the iron ring firmly to the position and start the barrel shape.Once the hoop is in place, hammer the wall end to ensure that both ends are horizontal to each other.Disassemble the assembly fixture.Use a sponge to wet the surface of the wall with water and heat the barrel with fire in an upright position for 30 minutes to seal the barrel.Use the winch to create an arch on the wooden rack, making the curved shape of the bucket by bending the heated wet wooden rack.When the brackets are arched to form the desired barrel shape, place them in the iron hoop at the bottom.The sticks are difficult to fix on the iron ring, so they are fixed in place with mallets.Place the remaining two midcircles on the barrel and fix them in place with a mallet to strengthen the shape.Trim the ends of the sticks neatly so they are even.Place the groove into the flat end of the barrel cover.Make a barrel cover using a pin attached to a soft, flexible rotProve the river reed.Custom mount the cover to the groove at the end of the barrel.Polish the remaining rough parts of the barrel clean to form a smooth surface.Test the integrity of the bucket by filling it with a small amount of hot water and apply air pressure to find any leaks.
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