how to build a wooden barrel hot tub How to Rebuild a Half Whiskey Barrel

by:ALPHA     2019-06-17

Half Barrel whiskey planters are a fascinating addition to your family garden.You can make them into water gardens, koi ponds, fountains, or simply use them as normal soil growers.Unfortunately, a whisky bucket may need to be rebuilt a little before you use it in the garden.Wood and brands are used to store whiskey, so it must be modified before you use it for other purposes.Restoring and rebuilding your half whiskey bucket will prevent it from breaking up in your garden.Moisten Wood.When there is no whiskey in the whisky bucket, they become dry, making the wooden slot start to pull apart from each other.This leaves a gap at the seam between the barrel walls.First, pour hot water out of the barrel to inflate the wood for a few hours.Once the gap is closed, fill the bucket with hot water and let it sit for 24 hours.Clean the wood.Use a scrub brush and wood soap to remove any mildew or dirt from the bucket.Let the wood dry and then polish it outside the barrel to remove any broken wood.Sand the wood.After cleaning, let your bucket dry and polish the wood with sand to remove any broken parts.Be sure to polish in the direction of the wood grain.Polish the iron ringClean and polish the ring around the barrel using metal polishing.This will make the bucket look updated.Strengthen the inside of the barrel.Saw 1/4-by-1-Inches of wood to the height of your half barrel.Hammer the pieces vertically inside the barrel, where there is any remaining gap between the walls.If you are having trouble bending the wood to follow the curve of the bucket, you can moisturize the strips with a little water so they have some reward.Seal the wood.Make sure your bucket is completely dry.Apply an outdoor wood seal on the inside and outside of the barrel.Make sure to seal on the edge of the metal ring so that there is no moisture in the wood.This will prevent your barrel from drying, cracking, and settling due to moisture or termite.
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