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by:ALPHA     2019-06-26
We recently held a big event in the UK.As part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration, the Thames River hosts a fleet of ships of all shapes and sizes.The beauty pageant covers 7 miles between the Albert Bridge and the world-famous Tower Bridge icon, which is especially open for the event.This reminds me of the rest of the bridges across the Thames;Here are some short histories in chronological order instead of any upstream/downstream order.
After Tower Bridge, perhaps the most famous is London Bridge.The river runs between London City and Southbank.Although the current bridge is only 1973 kilometers, it marks the oldest crossing on the river.
The Romans crossed this point for the first time in about 50 years, and the original wooden bridge was replaced by successive more substantial medieval buildings.By the end of the 18 th century, obviously, 600-The old bridge still in use is about to end.Engineer John Rennie designed a bridge consisting of five stone arches.
Construction began in 1824 and completed in 1831;The old bridge has been in use during construction, but once the new bridge is opened, it is finally demolished.However, the bridge began to have problems as early as the 1920 s, not only not enough to cope with the growing traffic in London, but was also found to be sinking slowly.The local parliament took unprecedented measures in 1967 to sell the bridge.
Robert P McCulloch of the United States bought it for over $2 million;It was subsequently demolished and re-createdBuilt in 1971 in Lake Michigan, Arizona.The bridge was currently built between 1967 and 1972 and officially opened by the Queen in 1973.After initial opposition, the construction of a bridge in Westminster was finally approved by Parliament in 1736, between 1739 and 1750, connecting Westminster and Lambeth.
Unfortunately, the bridge also suffered the same fate as the London Bridge and began to sink.By the mid-In the 19 th century, the cost of maintenance and repair was too high, so new alternatives were proposed.Designed by Thomas Page, the bridge was opened to traffic in 1862.
The Albert Bridge mentioned earlier connects rich Chelsea on the north shore to Battersea in the South.This is unusual because it is a mixture of three different design principles and is the result of the reinforcement measures throughout its life cycle.Shortly after its opening in 1873, it was found that its structure was unreasonable, and Sir Joseph bazargert, the designer of the London sewage system, was responsible for solving the problem.
Between 1884 and 1887, he added some design elements to the suspension bridge.In 1973, when the council added two concrete piers to make the central span a beam bridge, it was further strengthened.Until today, it is still one of the quietest bridges due to the limitations designed for extended life.
Despite these measures, the bridge continues to deteriorate due to traffic and the decay of the original wooden beams, which are believed to have been caused by the leakage of urine from many dogs into Battersea Park.Perhaps the most representative of all London bridges is Tower Bridge, which opened in 1894, connecting Tower Bridge and Southwark, very close to the Tower of London, whose name comes from the Tower of London.It is needed to ease the pressure on the aging London Bridge;However, it must also allow tall boats to enter the swimming pool in London.
Each tower has a huge lifting mechanism that can lift every half of the road (bottom) so that the boat can pass safely.It is used about thousand times a year, and transportation takes precedence over road traffic.The high-The horizontal walkway of the exhibition and basement room is open to the public.
I find the history of these bridges fascinating, but there may be a sequel only to the space for writing these four bridges?The London river cruise is just one of the hundreds of fun things that can be used as a gift on weekends or purchased for myself from my outdoor store.Follow the link and discover the ideas that come out of our many chosen days
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