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by:ALPHA     2019-06-24
If you are seriously studying how to succeed in information marketing, I suspect you have read a lot about yourselfhelp books.Maybe you have taken some lessons to help your life move towards what you want to achieve.Thatx92s good.It's really commendable.Many people just react to what life brings to them every day.
They didn't take the time to really plan their future.Many of the best personal development projects share a common belief.It has a variety of names, such as forming positive results or imagining success.
Recently, it is associated with the law of attraction to get what you want by clearly focusing your intentions and desires on it.My personal favorite expression is "what you believe and what you will achieve ".Why am I asking this question in the information marketing series?What does this have to do with how to start an online business and how to make money online?In short, it wins the mental game that makes everything possible.
I live near the beach.
I saw the beauty of the sea.
If you go out on the terrace and lean against the balcony, you can smell the fresh, salty air and hear the waves rolling towards the shore.My place is small, only 1,000-square-Foot apartment with living room, bedroom and kitchen-The dining area is small but big enough for me.In my living room I already have my little mat where I do yoga every morning.
Near the entrance to my kitchenette I have got my little laThe bar I use every day.I really like this little place.Everything I needed was there, including the great view.Now, maybe you're thinking, Where's Neil's job in that little apartment?The answer is, I don't know.
No, I have another same apartment in the same building that I converted into an office.This is where I developed information products.You see, I like to separate my personal life from my work life.
I don't want to bring my friends over and let them see all my paperwork, my computer, and everything else.I also don't want business partners to see plates in my sink.I don't want to commute across the city for work.
My solution is two identical apartments with only elevators between each other.My guess is that the description of my home and office is not what you might expect.Maybe you're thinking, Neil must have a big house full of electronics with a pool, a hot tub and a big garage with a new car.
Well, I 've built a lot of friends.
million-They chose to live in a big house.But that's what I 've always wanted to be modest and have no economic pressure on maintenance.In my present life, it works very well for me.
I think I live more like my customers.
I think I can get along better with people because I never let wealth flow to my mind.Back to my opening remarks: we have achieved what we believe.I don't know where you live and work right now, but if selling information products can have an impact on your life, start building the place where you want to live your way in your mind.
Start by creating the life vision you want.Imagine yourself at home and at work.Observe how the information products you sell help people realize their dreams, because you are moving steadily step by step towards the reality you imagine.Many life coaches suggest creating a vision board for their future.
You can cut the picture from a magazine that shows the life you want and stick it on a large cardboard.Then you should look at that visual board every day.Use it to motivate yourself.Use it to stay focused when you feel tired or depressed.
Remember where everything you do will go in order to start your online business.Then your future will come, as you think.If you believe in anything, you will achieve something
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