how to build your own wooden hot tub getting rid of bacteria in your hot tub - bath & showers

by:ALPHA     2019-06-30
how to build your own wooden hot tub getting rid of bacteria in your hot tub - bath & showers
Have you ever thought about, what is the mucus that accumulates on the side of the hot tub?I have bad news for you.About half is oil and dirt, and half is live bacteria.Over time, bacteria consume more and more dirt from each other.
In the end, they became most of the dirt.
As bacterial layers grow, they become more resistant to disinfectants in the water.This is because the disinfectant will eat other bacteria, most of which are not hurt.Finally, large pieces of them drift into the water, polluting the water.
This bacteria can cause serious health problems, including skin and lung infections.This is bad news.The good news is that you can remove this bacteria from the hot tub fairly easily.Here\'s how.Step 1: invest in better chemical products.
If you have bacteria,In your hot tub, your chemicals may not play their due role.Chlorine disinfectant is a common problem.Chlorine kills bacteria by permanently combining with parts of the cell wall, tearing them apart.
In this process, however, chloride ions merge with a part of the protein to form a new molecule.This means that only one bacteria can be killed for each chloride ion.To make matters worse, the new molecules produced by this process can disrupt your Ph.
Poor PH management in turn leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of chlorine disinfectants.The Bromo disinfectant works better because the Bromo ion returns to its natural state after tearing the bacteria into pieces.This means that the same ions can continue to disinfect indefinitely.
However, the dirt layer that protects the bacteria can still inhibit Bromo.That's why there are spa enzymes in many hot tub supply stores.Spa enzymes can break down dirt and expose bacteria to disinfectant.
The effect of Bromo and enzyme is very good.However, there is no chemical that will keep the bacteria forever.Step 2: Make a drainage plan.No matter which chemicals you buy, you should still drain and clean the hot tub at least every 60 days, not more.
When you drain the hot tub, do a good scrub around the hot tub with a dedicated hot tub cleaner.This should remove any accumulated dirt or bacteria.You should also remove and clean your filter.
Filters are often covered with dirt and bacteria.Even if you clean it up, millions of bacteria are still likely to survive in the hard environment of the filterto-Reach the corner and the gap.In order to remove them, you need to soak the filter overnight in a dedicated filter disinfectant.
Step 3: pay attention.
Pay attention to whether your dirt and bacterial mucus are still accumulating.If so, you should consider adjusting your disinfectant level or cleaning schedule.If the skin or the naked eye can notice the bacterial mucus, there are already too many.
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