how to make a round wooden hot tub How to Build an Outdoor Privacy Screen

by:ALPHA     2019-06-15

We live in the suburbs so our yard is big enough but not big.We love our neighbors, but sometimes we want to have a meal outside or enjoy some privacy while enjoying a little sunshine.One of my favorite things about this project is that it doesn't need to cut any wood!We looked at the size of the columns and grids, which made the process faster.For this project we used a combination of cedar wood and pressureProcessed gridThe eight-foot-About 2 feet high pillars enter the ground and create a about 6-feet tall —Enough height for family to have some privacy on the terrace for dinner!Spread out 2x4 cedar boards about 4 feet apart.Then place the grid on the Cedar board and adjust the shards so that the edges of the 2x 4S are flush with the top and bottom of the grid.Connect the grid to the bottom of the cedar board with 2-Inch deck screws are spaced every 6 inch at the bottom edge.Repeatedly fix the top edge of the grid to another cedar board.Place the 4x4 cedar columns perpendicular to the cedar board under the assembled grid panel.Adjust so that the grid extends 4 inch above the top of the Cedar pillar.Use a mallet to align the boards and pillars so that the edges are completely flush.Connect the grid panel to the post with 4-Go through the grid and cedar board and enter the inch deck screws of the Cedar pillar.Drive three 4-Screws per inch, 12 screws in total.Determine the location of your privacy screen and dig for about 24-Inch deep, after usehole digger.Repeat step 6, dig the second column hole, about 8 feet from the other holes, and measure the outer edge to the outer edge.A small amount of gravel is added to each hole for drainage and helps to prevent wood rot.Although cedar pillars have natural decay resistance, once embedded in concrete, you may want to apply wood closures at 2 feet of the bottom of the pillars to improve their durability.Carefully erect the privacy screen and place the post in the hole.Adjust the screen so that it is fully upright (vertical) and horizontal from one end to the other.Then support it with waste wood.Add 1/2 bags of concrete mixture to 5-gallon bucket.Spray a small amount of water into the barrel.Mix with a paddle-like attachment until the mixture is the consistency of the pancake mixture.Add more water in small increments as needed (making the concrete too wet reduces its effectiveness ).Fill a pillar hole with a small shovel until the concrete is flush with the grass.Repeat step 11-1/2 bags of concrete and other column holes remaining.When the poured concrete is still wet, a slight installation of its top on the post (so the base foot is tilted upwards from the surface of the lawn) will help the base foot flow rain from the post and slow down their decay.Add a small amount of soil to the galvanized paint bucket and gently plant the flowers of your choice.These are small pots with a small amount of soil, so there are very few flowersMoisture requirements are best.The Morning Glory or geranium works well, especially the "wave" or Ivy variety that connects to the lower levels.Drill several small holes at the bottom of the barrel to provide drainage.Flowers submerged by Sealed pots are likely to die.Hang the bucket on the grid screen using the S hook.This wooden screen adds a lot of personality to the backyard and adds a little extra privacy to the outdoor patio space.This project is a budget.Friendly, material for about $100 and can be done easily in the afternoon (plus concrete drying time ).
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