how to make a round wooden hot tub How to Make Cushions for Patio Chairs

by:ALPHA     2019-06-16

The outdoor furniture is strong and durable. it can adapt to the weather and is easy to use.Sometimes, patio chairs can be a little helpful in the comfort department.All shared food and Moonlight conversations have taken place around your patio table this summer, why not raise your seat up?It only takes a little time and creativity to make your own patio seat cushion.Your neighbors and your back will thank you!Place the foam on the chair and track the basic shape of the chair seat.Use sharp scissors to shape the corners.After cutting a mat, use the cut mat as a pattern of other mats by placing it on the uncut mat and tracking it with marks.Try to make each mat the same shape.(High density foam to paper and pre-cutcut sizes.Save time and confusion by purchasing pre-Cut 15 "x 17" rectangles.If the back of your chair is slightly round, simply cut the back angle at an angle of 45 degrees.Mark your mat with a point so it's easier later.Cut outdoor canvas fabric according to size.If the suggested number of canvas listed above does not work for your chair seat, use this math: chair cushion width 4 inch;Fold the canvas in half and put it together on the right and make it 21 \ "x17.5\" rectangle.The folding edge will be the front of your pad cover.Because the front corner of the foam is round, you also need to bypass the front corner of the lid.To make rounded corners, make a simple pattern with a card.Draw a perfect arc along the edge of the plate.Then trace the pattern in the front corner of the lid.Using a 1/2 seam allowance, stitch the side of the lid and the curve just tracked.Repeat on the other side.Turn cover.Insert the foam and use the point as a quick reference to which end to enter first.The lid should be comfortable.Fold the opening like a wrapped gift and a safety pin.Sew the opening together with a needle and thread.Remove the safety pin.To make a tie, fold each piece of canvas tie fabric in half and fold vertically with the right side.Sew the short side and the long side together with a sewing machine.Turn.Turning a small item like this can be tricky;Assist with chopsticks or marker pens.Close and stitch.Use the needle and thread and put a tie on the back of the cushion in the corner.Tied to a chair with a seat!
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