how to make a wooden hot tub How to Make a Hot Tub Out of Your Pickup

by:ALPHA     2019-06-19

The hot tub seems to be an unaffordable luxury for many people.Most people only enjoy hot tubs in the spa or well for the rest of their livesNear a friend's house.Now, thanks to the ingenuity of the South, it is possible for anyone to enjoy a hot tub on their own property for a fraction of the price of a regular hot tub.If you own a pickup truck and some other items (which won't cost much to buy if you haven't already), you can start hosting your own heat-There's a bathtub party right away.Wherever you want your portable hot tub to be located, just park your pickup truck at a reasonable distance from your home.It must be close enough for the water hose to reach the truck from your house.Spread the waterproof cloth on the bed of the pickup truck.Make sure the TARP is not torn or torn.The size of the Tarp will change with the size of the truck.The TARP needs to be large enough so you can push the middle to the bed and have enough TARP on all edges.Make sure there is enough tarp on the bed.Fix the waterproof cloth with tape.Winding the tape multiple times outside the card lathe.There will be a lot of water in the tarps and truck beds, so be sure to wrap it tight.Also, make sure you push the cab side of the waterproof cloth between the cab and the bed and tape it as safely as the rest of the bed.If you are sure there is enough tarp on the bed, you should be ready to fill the bed with water without worrying about the TARP slipping down to the bed.Open the water pipe from your house, put it on the bed of the truck, and open the water.Some card lathes will hold more than 300 gallons of water, so now is a good time to do some other productive things while waiting for the bed to fill up.It may take a few hours.Prepare another hose (preferably not the one in your home ).You can do this when you wait for the bed to fill up.Put one end of the hose into the tailpipe of the truck.Use some adhesive tape to secure the hose in place.Make sure there is no air coming out of the tailpipe that never enters the hose directly.After filling in, put the other end of the hose into the bed of the truck.You are very important in the well.Ventilation area before entering step 7.The engine of the truck.Exhaust gas discharged through the hose will act as a bubble maker in your new truck hot tub.You can start the engine and let the water really bubble up if you want.However, if you do, you need to make sure that there is someone behind the wheel of the truck all the time.
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