how to make a wooden lampshade How to Make a Cut & Pierced Lampshade

by:ALPHA     2019-06-10

Whether your lampshade is out of date or faded or you're just ready to replace, cutting and perforated lampshades offer a cheap solution to your decorating challenges.These lampshades have small decorative cuts and small piercings, creating the design.When the lampshade is finished, the light passes through the patterns like a perforated lantern.You can use your inner creativity to make these cut and perforated lampshades to complement any kind of home decor.Put your pure white lampshade on parchment.Make sure the parchment is thick, heavy and hard.Roll the lampshade onto velvet and track the path at the bottom of the lampshade as you go.Repeat with the top of the shadow.You should have a large U shape after you finish.Cut your U shapeIf you want some extra decoration, cut it off with a needle.Be sure to cut about inches from your chalk line with a needle.This ensures that the paper is out of shadow after it is finished.Otherwise, just cut along the lines with normal scissors.Draw a pattern on paper with chalk.Choose a broad, simple outline like a rose and a flower with pointed petals.Stars, Sun, lineThe painted animals and simple human images are also very good.Draw Something as thin as a vine, such as a slender and curved box.Put your paper on the glasstopped surface.If you don't have a glass surface, use an old wooden table.Don't use your favorite table though, as it will get scratched.Cut the chalk with a tool knife.Cut only the petals, leaves, the tip of the moon, the arm of the stars and the tip of the flowing skirt.These things will curl up slightly and give you the texture of the lampshade.Add details to the work of the perforation.Push a large embroidery pin into velvet.Gather holes at different densities to produce shadows and define things like leaf veins.Spray your white lampshade with glue spray.Smooth your wounds and Pierce vellum in the shade.Be very gentle and avoid tears.Let it dry overnight.
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