how to make a wooden lampshade How to Make a Mosaic Lampshade

by:ALPHA     2019-06-08

Tiffany lamps and mosaic lampshades are a very popular home decoration, but they can be very expensive to buy.Making mosaics is a fun hobby that many people love and can be used to make beautiful decorations for your home, such as these lampshades.Buy your supplies.You will most likely need to go to a shop that specializes in colored glass in order to find the glass lampshade of the mosaic and the pieces of colored mosaic glass that you will put outside the shadow.You may also want to pick up other supplies when you're there-while many craft shops have mosaic items, some do not have glass mosaic items.Design the lampshade by drawing the image on the paper and cut out the different parts of the pattern.Tape the paper on the glass lampshade.This will give you a guide for placing items --For example, the outline of the tree will display the placement position of the brown and green parts of the pattern.Remove the paper from the shade.Break the mosaic glass with a glass tool and be careful to protect your hands and face.Make small and large pieces so you can put them in your paper like a puzzle.Stick these pieces to the lampshade of the widget and apply a little mosaic adhesive at a time-imitating the paper pattern on the lampshade.Mix and apply the grout to the entire mosaic using a brush.You can put a light under the shadow to make sure you 've got the grout between all the pieces.Wipe the excess grout with a wet sponge or cloth.Once the grouting is dry, apply the mosaic sealant to the mosaic lampshade.Please let the sealant dry before using the new lampshade.
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