how to make a wooden lampshade How to Make a Photo Lampshade

by:ALPHA     2019-06-09

Create an illuminated lampshade with a vintage 35mm slide.Whether you have old photos of your own childhood or find a box in a thrift store, this DIY is a beautiful way to show the past.The number of slides you need will depend on the size of your lampshade.For this item, the shadow is 7 inch wide and 55 slides are used.Tear the shell of the lampshade off the metal frame and remove it.If it is difficult to remove, please cut carefully using a tool knife.Most curtains have two pieces of metal.-A cone and a ring.You only need cones for this project.In addition to the slides you will be using for the next line, four holes will need to be drilled for each slide.Mark on the slide where the drilling is planned.You need to mark the center point on each side of the frame.For the next line, Mark only on top and side--Three holes in total.For the next line, you don't need to have a hole in the bottom.Using a 1/16-Inch bit, drill the hole into the slide.Make a row of slides by connecting the slides with 8mm jump rings.Continue to build on each row of slides until you have enough paper wrapped in a metal lampshade frame.Depending on the size of the shadow, the width and length will vary.Use the 10mm jump ring to connect the top of the slide to the metal ring of the lampshade.Once the slide is connected and suspended from the metal frame, close the gap by tightening the 8mm jump ring.
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