how to make a wooden lampshade How To Make A Picture Frame Using Birch Bark Branches

by:ALPHA     2019-06-24
The greatest beauty comes from nature.A master is in design!I like to bring a little inside.This is a simple craft idea that anyone can do and the result is very elegant.Just buy a wooden photo frame.Cheap photo frames can be found in craft shops such as Michaels or Hobby.
I bought mine from a craft store and they usually sell it at a 50% discount.Next, take a walk in the woods-If you live in the city, you can also buy birch branches from most craft shops.You should be able to find a lot of birch branches on the floor of the forest.
If you don't have birch trees, look around and see what works equally well in your area.Collect the longest and thinnest branches you can find and take them home.Now you are ready to assemble your masterpiece.
Remove the glass from the frame so you can only work with wood.2.Put a branch on the frame.3.Use a hot glue gun to glue the branch part of the direct contact frame.You need to work quickly before the hot glue is hardened.
Carry a few glue with you to replenish the gun as needed.Since the branches are not straight and peaceful, the parts will stick and leave some gaps.This is good.4.When you put more branches or branches on top, you can start weaving them through the gaps of other branches when you need them.
Once all the branches are in place, spray the whole object with smooth polyurethane to protect it.6.After drying, reassemble the frame and enjoy it!Close-up gives you a better idea of how branches are woven together.It has no real pattern, which gives it more artistic effect.
--xa0It's just a matter of weaving a branch through an available gap so you can keep them straight and safe.In the corner, you will want to weave where the sides are gathered together instead of simply putting one part at the top of the other.In this way, it will be safe and flat.--xa0When you're done, you may have to trim some branches if they reach out wider than the corner frame.
--xa0A pair of scissors or branch trimmer works well in this regard.The thin branches are places that allow you flexibility when weaving.If the branch is too thick to bend, throw it away or save it to another project.
The gloss you see comes from polyurethane spray.I like to use glossy buy and you can also finish in satin.River Stone, pebbles, or any kind of stone looks hot to stick to the frame.
Just make sure to lay the stone out so that all the gaps in the wood are covered up.The ACORN works the same way as the rock.If you have a large frame, small pine fruit of uniform size, glued to it with neat lines, this is an artwork.Shells can stick to them.Or, if you find some small holes in the top, use a rope to get some thin ropes through a few and stick both ends to the frame so the shell hangs downIt's kind of like a necklace.
You can also drill small holes in the frame and tie the rope through and to the back.Finally, you can peel the birch bark from the fallen trunk, as shown in the figure.The bark is easy to peel off and can be glued to the frame with a craft.
You can then dress it up with leather or birch branches
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