how to make a wooden lampshade How to Make an Industrial Wooden Lamp

by:ALPHA     2019-06-08

It usually takes time to have a bedroom retreat that represents your style: linens, artwork, paint colors and accessories all need to come together to form a comfortable, coherent look.Bedside lights can be a tricky part of the process, as both the size, pattern and budget work-that's why it's usually best to keep the timeless aesthetic.This classic industrial wood lamp is a fast project that adds industrial talent to many designs.Follow these steps in one afternoon, and in the evening you can have a light by the bed.As part of the vintage dome clock, glass cloaks can be found in craft shops or thrift stores.It is best to buy wooden circles and buttons in a woodworking shop or online.Mark the center of the wooden circle and use 3/8-Inch twist drill.When drilling, be sure to place the wood circle on a small piece of wood.Then, turn over the wooden circular base and Connect 4 Cork with wood glue, evenly spaced around the wooden circular.These will be the "feet" of the lamp, allowing the wires to have space under the base.Remove the bottle lamp kit and remove the brass nut attached to the threaded nipple.From the top of the wooden base, screw the threaded nipple into the hole and twist it until it is flush with the lower side.At the top, twist the brass nut back to the threaded joint until it reaches the wooden base.Place the brass cover on the next and cover the nut.Use a cross screwdriver to loosen the fixing screws on the side of the socket base, but do not remove them.Attach the socket base to the threaded nipple and screw it onto the nipple until the nipple is tight.Extend the lamp line up from the bottom through the threaded nipple so that the exposed wires can be connected to the lamp socket.Remove the housing from the lamp socket and release the silver and gold screw terminals mounted on both sides of the socket.Gently separate the two halves of the light line and determine which one is rib and which one is smooth.The smooth half is the "hot" wire that will be attached to the goldcolored screw;The Wire with ribs is a "neutral" wire that will be connected to silver-colored screw.Tie the Knot of the insurer with the end of the wire, as shown below.Then twist the bare end of the half of the line into "C "-Rings of shape and hook them under the proper screw terminals (the rib part of the line is attached to the silver screw, the smooth part of the line is attached to the gold screw ).Tighten the screw terminals on the bare wires until they are firm.Push the insurer's knot near the socket and tighten it so it can be easily mounted on the socket base.Push the socket down into the socket base and after gently pulling the power cord, slide the case back to the socket and push it down until it is in place.Then, connect the socket base to the threaded nipple by tightening the fixing screw on the previously released side.You can paint the socket black if needed.To do this, tape the wooden base off and put the crumpled paper in the bulb socket.Protect the surrounding area from excessive spraying with plastic, cardboard or drip cloth, and then give the socket 2 layers of oilFriction bronze paint specially designed for metal.Let it dry for 4 to 6 hours.Edison's screw-Style the bulb, place the glass closure on the top, and plug it into the wire test switch.When the lights shine, you have finished a bedside lamp of timeless fashion.
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