how to make a wooden lampshade How to Make Your Own Wooden Table

by:ALPHA     2019-06-09

Building a piece of furniture can be intimidating, but you can make a beautiful wooden outdoor picnic table with some supplies and steps.Let your local hardware shop cut the wood into the length you need and you don't even need to touch the saw.Arrange your 5-after your board is cut-The footboard is vertical, adding spacers between the boards if needed.Gently tap the end of the board with a hammer to align them so that they are flush.Place your 25-Horizontally through the inch wide support plate of the table panel, 3 inch from the end of the vertical plate and about 1 inch from both sides.Where will the marking Support Committee go.Use the interval between boards to add characters to the table.Any thin object, such as a dormitory, will work.After the desktop is assembled, use the planeThe head screwdriver knocks down the spacer by gently tapping the end of the screwdriver with a hammer.Add the wood glue to one side of the first support board, flip and gently press the table panel.Repeat with the other two support boards, one at the other end of the desktop and the other in the middle.Let the glue solidify for 10 minutes.The five screws are then screwed into the first support plate, about 2 to 3 inch apart to avoid seams.When drilling into the screw, keep the substrate tight so that the motherboard is not separated.Connect the four straight top plates of the table legs to each end of the support plate with the included screws, about 1 inch from the edges of all three sides.Screw the legs into the straight top plate.After removing the spacer, gently polish the table with sandpaper and an electric sander or sand block.Wipe the dust with a dry cloth.Using medium color, apply a thick layer of wood stains on the table base and legsSponge brush size.This project uses the color of the English chestnut.Apply stains and polyurethane in the wellVentilation areas such as outdoor or outdoor garages.Avoid skin contact and use a mask.Let the stain dry overnight and apply a layer of waterPolyurethane for the second sponge brush.If your desk will remain permanently outdoors, you can add another two pieces of polyurethane coating to protect, lightly Polish between each coating, or choose the outside-Grade polyurethane.Another advantage of this table is the light weight and easy to carry.Not running-of-the-farmhouse-Style table in your next soiree.
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