how to make a wooden lampshade How to Turn a Ginger Jar Into a Lamp

by:ALPHA     2019-06-09

A common ceramic vase or jar, such as a ginger can, can easily be turned into a beautiful lamp in just a few steps.All you need is an afternoon and some basic items, and you can create a unique light for your home.The lamp kit means no wiring or electrical knowledge is required.Select a vase with an opening wider than the base at the top to ensure stability when flipping.Your lamp will be your vase.If it doesn't have a lid like the one in the photo, put it down.Pour the vase over.Start drilling in the center of the base.This project uses a ceramic ginger jar, so a hole is drilled in the center of the lid.It is better to start drilling at a certain angle to form a groove.Otherwise, your drill bit may slide around and it's hard to start drilling.Before you start, you will want to spray the surface with water and continue spraying while drilling.This will prevent the surface from overheating and damage the drill bit.Glass vases can also be used for this project.When you have made a small notch on the ceramic, gradually move the drill bit to an upright position perpendicular to the lid as the drill bit runs.Continue drilling until the drill bit passes through the ceramic and continuously spray the surface with water as you move forward.It is best to apply pressure slowly and steadily.It took about five minutes to drill through the top of the lid.Please slow down if you have questions.Repeat the same process by drilling holes on the side or bottom of the vase.If the bottom of your vase is flush with a flat surface, it is better to drill through the sides so that the rope does not make it sit uneven.Now is the time to insert the lamp kit.Pass the nipple through the hole you created at the bottom of the vase.If you are using a ginger can, it will be the hole you create on the lid.Screw the gasket to the bottom to prevent one way from sliding through the hole.Place the harp base on the top of the nipple and then screw the socket cover on the top.You may also need to tighten the gasket at the bottom.Pass the wire through the hole on the side of the vase and then through the nipple and socket cover.If you are using a ginger can, like this, pass the wire through the bottom of the pot and then through the nipple and socket cap.Tie the wire to the knot of the insurer.Loosen the screws on the socket with a screwdriver.Wrap the wire around the screw and tighten it with a screwdriver.Slide the socket housing over the top and keep everything in place.You should hear it clicking.Then attach your harp and lampshade.When choosing a lampshade, a good rule of thumb is to ensure that the diameter at the bottom of the lampshade is not greater than the height of the lamp holder.
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