how to operate sauna machine Free-standing Pull Up Bar

by:ALPHA     2019-06-22
A free-As the name suggests, standing pull bar is a pull bar that has its own structure od and does not need to be attached to a wall or ceiling.In this health vigil article, we give you a stepby-How to Build Your Own step procedure for pulling up the rod.With a lot of people addicted to exercise and even assembling the necessary equipment in places close to home, the fitness equipment industry is booming!I mean, you have a bunch of things to go home and work in the direction of a great body and fitness.
Everything from dumbbells to bars to treadmills.When it comes to the promotion bar, many homeowners who exercise around the promotion and so on have freePull up the bar standingEasy to carry, small space occupied, very convenient.Take two large screws and washers and fix a bottom extension bracket on each vertical pillar at their end.
One quarter of the length of one side of the board, three-The quarter on the other side of the board is how posts are placed and fixed on extended support.Between the two vertical pillars, there must be a horizontal support.To do this, connect the horizontal support at the bottom of the vertical column with four lag screws and washers.
Each end will have two washers attached to the "no" (upside down) bottom extending between the vertical column and the bottom.Now you get 2 liters.Shape pieces attached to the base.You then need to fix a horizontal support at the top of the vertical column.To do this, you have to use several lag bolts and washers at each end.
Now, the next thing to do is to fix a few diagonal supports for each vertical column.Connect one end to the post using two lag bolts.The other end must be fixed to the bottom extension bracket by fixing the other two lag bolts.
Now, it's time to fix the arm to the top of the lifting device on the vertical bracket.There is an arm on each side.Use the lag bolt again (2 per arm) to fix the arm on the vertical post.Next, the smaller arm bracket must be fixed on the base arm and vertical post that were previously fixed.
A 6-With a 45 ° angle connector, the inch pipe must be connected to a longer pipe.The bar has to be built like this and then fixed to the stand.For this purpose, pipe clamps and wood screws can be used.
These bars are very portable and easy to use.Some can even be folded!If you build it yourself, you can get exercise without paying!
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