How to Run an Electrical Outlet Into the Yard - above ground pool ladder extension

by:ALPHA     2019-11-20
How to Run an Electrical Outlet Into the Yard  -  above ground pool ladder extension

Installing a socket in the yard will not only increase the convenience of quick power consumption, but also help eliminate the need to drag those bulky extension lines.To protect the line, you need to use cables that are rated as underground burial and plumbing at both entry points.Package the item by connecting the cable to an existing outdoor outlet.Find the area in the yard where the socket will be placed.Dig a 3-Hole with shovel;place the 4-by-4 pillars in the hole, bury the pillars with a distance of 1 feet from the ground up.From the position of the pillar to the nearest outdoor socket in the home, run the stake every 10 feet.Hammer the wooden pile into the ground to keep it above the ground by about 10 inch.Tie the rope to each pile to indicate the route to dig the cable trench.Dig an 18-inch-A deep trench along the rope.Power off existing outdoor outlets.Remove the screws that fix the lid using a screwdriver and place the lid on one side.Remove the top and bottom screws on the socket and pull the socket out of the box as much as possible while keeping the line intact.Using a screwdriver, knock out an elimination hole at the bottom of the junction box.If the hole has a plug to unscrew the screw, please use a screwdriver to unscrew the plug.Measure and cut a catheter into 4 feet long.Bend 90-using elbow-4-degree bending of centerFoot of the pipe.Connect the wire clip to one end of the pipe.Connect the conduit and wire clip to the hole at the bottom of the wall outlet.One end of the feed ROMEX®The cable goes up through the pipe and pulls out 6 inch through the hole at the bottom of the outlet box.Peel off 6 inch of the outer insulation from the cable and 1 inch of the insulation from the inside.Connect the bare wire to the green screw on the socket.Connect the black wire to the brass screw at the bottom of the socket and connect the white wire to the silver screw at the bottom.Put the wire back into the junction box, tighten the screws and secure the socket in place.Replace the lid and tighten it with screws and screwdrivers.Route the cables in the trenches to the pillars.Install the new outlet junction box on the slot side of the Post, 2 inch from the top.Connect it with the included screws.Knock off or screw off the plug at the bottom of the box.Cut the second catheter 4 feet long and bend 90-Bend in the center together with the elbow.Connect the wire clip to one end of the pipe and then connect the pipe to the junction box.Repeat steps 7 and 8 to connect the wiring end to the new socket in the socket kit.Fill the trench with dirt and turn the power back on to the socket.Plug the light into a new socket and test the power supply.
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