how to stop a wooden hot tub from leaking How to Make a Water Trough Out of Wood

by:ALPHA     2019-06-14

The sink is traditionally made of wood.Recently, the slots are made of galvanized metal, stainless steel, or some form of plastic.While these modern sinks may have the advantage of durability, they lack personality and timeGlorious traditionModern Organic farmers or people interested in themselvesIt is good to build your own watering trough with wood.While the wood is not the most durable way to store water, it does maintain the water well, can be replaced or repaired easily and at a low cost.Set 2-by-12-by-48-Inches of rough grinding pine boards are parallel to each other, about 12 inch apart.Measure 3 inch from both ends of the two plates with tape measure.Mark these points with a pencil.Two two-by-12-by-12-The inches between the two long boards ground the pine boards so that they are perpendicular to them and aligned with the pencil marks.Use a screw gun and 3 pax-fix the board togetherInch coated deck screws.Screw into the end of the square plate from the outside of the long plate.This is the basic box of the slot.Take the remaining long pine board and align with the edge of the box.This will form the bottom of the slot.Screw the bottom in place with a screw gun.Place the screws evenly every 6 to 8 inch.Turn the slot over.Two four-by-4-by-12-The thick-milled pine pillars are parallel to each other, about 36 inch apart.Set slots on these posts.The pillars are the basis of the slots, which simply depend on them.Fill the sink with water.It may leak until the wood expands.The trough will stop leaking once the wood expands.
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