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by:ALPHA     2019-06-21
A good back massage can not only relieve back pain, but also has a calming effect on the brain.For effective back massage, it is important to understand the various pressure points and the right side back massage techniques.Back Massage is very beneficial when we need to relieve stress, relax and treat various diseases that affect the back.
Good back massage helps to relieve pain in the upper and lower back and shoulder pain.While massaging the back, manipulate the soft tissue and muscles through the movement of the fingers and hands.This helps to ease the pain and muscle tension and thus relax the muscles.
Massage helps to expand blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation and metabolism.If you go to a massage clinic, massage center or spa, trained and certified professionals will relieve stress by providing you with a relaxing massage.Since it is not always possible to visit a spa or massage clinic, simple massage techniques can be followed to relieve back painRelated issuesMassaging at home requires a variety of stress points and massage techniques.
The pressure point is the nerve that is tied together at certain connections throughout the body.When these nerves are manipulated by pressure, they are stimulated.According to rehabilitation therapies such as finger pressure, acupuncture and reflexology, the stimulation of the stress point helps to restore balance by allowing the vitality energy to circulate freely.
In addition to massage therapy, stress points are also used in martial arts.When massaging, there are several pressure points on the back to apply pressure.These pressure points are located on both sides of the spine of the shoulder and lower back.
The first point is at the top of the back, at the junction where the spine meets the neck on both shoulders.It is between the neck and the shoulder.Put your hand on the point and press it forward with your finger.The second pressure point lies between the shoulder blades on both sides of the spine.
The pressure on both points should be applied about inches at the same time.Make sure you don't put direct pressure on your spine at any time.The third point is located on both sides of the spine, consistent with your elbow.
Apply pressure for about thirty seconds.
The fourth point is on the muscles below the pelvic line.Pressing this may cause a slight tingling in the leg.This is under the armpit, on both sides of the muscles extending from the armpit to the back.
You will be able to find this stress point at the back of both shoulders.If you plan to use massage techniques for one of your family members, please make sure they are not seriously affectedRelated diseases or chronic back pain.If they do, it is better not to follow these massage techniques as this can cause harm.
To improve the effect, use essential oils when massaging your back.Most importantly, remember to keep the pressure gentle.After all, your goal is to reduce pain, not to cause or increase it.
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