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by:ALPHA     2019-06-21
Back Massage is beneficial in many ways.It can help the body relax, relieve stress and reduce anxiety.Here are some ways professionals can do back massage.Massage treatment is good for people with various muscle problems.
The importance of massage therapy has become more and more prominent in the past 20 years, as it is well known that massage therapy can cure many health problemsRelated issuesOther than that, there are no side effects of massage.In addition, the therapeutic benefits of massage for overall health and mental healthDue to the operation of soft tissue, this art is worth a try.Back massage is one of the more popular options for all massages.
The day-to-The accumulation we experience in life has a direct impact on our back.So this type of massage is recommended to all people, even those who have no back pain.In addition, studies have shown that massaging the back for a period of time can reduce back pain in people.
Before you start the massage, take warm oil in your hands and apply a small amount with the whole hand with a smooth and rhythmic stroke.It is important to use the entire surface of both hands.Move up with a firm actione.From the lower right back to the neck, use a gentle pressure ring and move slowly to the lower back.
Follow this procedure for 5 to 10 minutes.In this technology, the contact area is smaller due to the deeper pressure.Start with both hands from the lower back and work in the circle.
Using the same circular motion, move outward first and then up.Gradually return to the center, and then move up the back.This procedure should be followed in 5 minutes.
Like previous technologies, this technology is also concentrated in smaller contact areas.Stand on the right side of the area you are dealing.Place one hand on the top of the other, use the platform of the hand away from the center line, and slide back to the spine.
Start this procedure on the lower back and work up the back.Follow this procedure for 5 minutes.Use deep continuous pressure until the full length of the muscles located on both sides of the spine.When you move to the neck, take a little less stress.
Moving slowly and intentionally, when you glide from the lower back to the upper back, you will feel the sensitive part.Continue three times on each side, alternating in a few minutes, and repeat the stripping.In this technique, a firm Deep movement needs to be applied on each side of the spine.
Start massage on the lower side of the spine and move up.Five times of friction is required in each place, and if there is a pain, several more times of friction is required.Start the massage by applying firm downward pressure, and then move the arm closest to the head up to the bottom of the shoulder blade.
Taking into account the possibility of lower back pain, follow the procedure of 6 bars.Since it is difficult to measure the pressure to be applied, this massage technique relies on the pain scale.First, place your thumb on the tender knot or spot the patient tells you.
Press down on these issues;Gradually increase stress until pain reaches Level 6 or 7 of level 1-110.Keep the pressure until the pain is 1-10 scale.Repeat the steps.Using this technique, muscles and back pain may miraculously disappear.
Apply effleurage with supported fingers, heel of hand and full hand.Using these technologies will increase the impact you create using triggers and stripping point releases.After finishing, let the patient be quiet for a few minutes.
I would like to end the article with a cautious sentence saying that therapeutic massage may not work for everyone or for people with infectious diseases, skin problems, certain forms of cancer and heart disease.In addition, these treatments are not advisable for pregnant women.Therefore, be sure not to forget to consult a doctor before receiving any such massage.
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