how to use facial sauna machine Benefits of Massage Therapy for Diabetes

by:ALPHA     2019-06-21
In addition to the prescribed treatment, massage therapy can also play a vital role in effectively controlling diabetes.The following health discusses how massage treatment can benefit people with diabetes.When diagnosed with diabetes, many times a single prescription drug does not improve the quality of life of people with diabetes.
In this case, massage therapy can be an effective way to improve health and may help people with diabetes live a longer and better life., Found that massage therapy can help children with diabetes reduce blood sugar.Also showed the pressure-Massage and other relief techniques can help reduce blood sugar in diabetic patients.
\ ', A group of children with diabetes received a 30-day massage.The positive effects noted during treatment are a decrease in levels of depression and anxiety.During the one-month treatment, the use of insulin improved and the average blood sugar level decreased significantly.
Here are the benefits of massage therapy for diabetic patients.Poor blood circulation is common in patients with diabetes, which often results in delayed wound healing.Excessive blood sugar circulating in the blood can destroy the structure and function of the blood vessels, resulting in reduced blood flow throughout the body.
Massage is an easy way to promote blood circulation.The stable pressure applied to soft tissue during massage helps stimulate blood flow, which in turn promotes the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to different tissues of the body.The increase in blood circulation also allows body cells to use insulin in a more efficient way, which in turn helps control blood sugar.
As mentioned earlier, diabetes can damage blood flow, and when it affects muscles, it can cause cramps and stiffness, thus greatly limiting the ability to move.Massage therapy, which includes applying pressure on soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments), helps to increase flexibility as it increases blood flow to these areas of the body.Therefore, the overall activity ability of diabetic patients may increase through regular massage.
Dealing with chronic diseases like diabetes is not an easy task, it can lead to a series of psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.After limiting diet, lifestyle changes and examination of blood sugar may also be a major source of stress for people with diabetes.One of the best ways to reduce the emotional burden associated with diabetes is to have a massage.
The whole body massage can have a good effect, reduce the pressure level and promote the overall health feeling.being.Massage to relieve anxiety and stressRelax and give a feeling of relaxation.All of this helps to improve physical, mental and social health so that patients can live a fulfilling life.
Gentle massage can also help improve the symptoms of neuropathy.Neuropathy is usually found in patients with diabetes and can cause pain, tingling or burning in the surrounding areas of the body (such as hands, feet, toes and fingers.) Massage the massage device below the knee can reduce the pain of neuropathy and help to increase blood circulation.
In an informal study conducted in 1999As a certified massage therapist, the massage student gave the diabetic patient an hour of full body massage at her clinic.During more than 40 sessions, blood sugar levels were recorded before and after the massage.It was observed that blood sugar dropped by 20 to 40 points after massage.
In some cases, dramatic changes in blood sugar levels were observed to drop or increase by 100 points.However, these dramatic changes are not caused by massage.Factors such as insulin dose and strenuous exercise before massage may lead to a sudden drop in blood sugar.
However, missing out on prescription drugs or eating too much sugary food can lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar.Generally speaking, it is normal to observe a 20 to 40 point reduction in blood glucose levels after massage.Therefore, the therapist must check the patient's blood sugar level after the massage to ensure that there is no significant drop in blood sugar.
Tension, excessive hunger, heart beat acceleration and trembling are some of the common symptoms of abnormally low blood sugar levels.So, if the therapist notices these symptoms after the massage, the patient should be given a glucose tablet, a tablespoon of honey or any other sugary snack immediately to increase blood sugar and relieve the symptoms of hypoglycemia.In general, get the consent of your healthcare provider before you decide to incorporate massage therapy into your treatment plan.
The benefits of massage therapy for diabetes are not supported by a lot of scientific research.So, you have to consult your doctor about the treatment you intend to receive.Also, monitor your blood sugar in advanceand post-Massage, any drastic changes in sugar levels should be treated as early as possible.
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