how to use facial sauna machine European Facial Massage Techniques

by:ALPHA     2019-06-21
European facial massage is a great way to relieve facial stress and make the skin glow.There are certain stages and techniques in the European facial massage, which makes this facial massage very popular.Face cleaning-Up treatment is provided in various beauty salons.
These cosmetic treatments are of great help in cleaning the skin and keeping it healthy.However, there is a difference between a clean face and a clean faceCosmetic surgery and faceliftFacial treatments include a lot of massages that can last for 10 minutes or more.This is because facial care is not just for cleaningSkin, but also get rid of facial pressure.
Most of the pressure is said to be stored on the face.Therefore, facial care is very effective in eliminating stress.Also, it helps to keep the skin looking young.
European facial massage is one of the most popular facial types.This massage includes different stages of using various techniques.This massage technique is simple and good for beginners.
In addition, this is one of the most affordable facial treatments.Cleaning will remove cosmeticsDust, dirt, or dust on the face.The beautician will use a group of cleanser on the cotton ball to wipe your face clean.
Some people can even massage the face for a minute or two with simple circular movements.Then wipe your face clean with a wet towel or wet cotton.Steam is for the skin --Black, white and pimplessoft.
This step helps to open pores, making it easier to remove acne.If you have severe acne, more steam will be applied.Exfoliating is done to remove dead and dry skin, blackheads, white heads and acne.
Scrub is used on the face, neck and ears.
The process will last for a few minutes.
Then the beautician will wipe your face with a wet cotton ball.She then removes acne, blackhead acne and white head acne with a tissue or blackhead extractor.Then close the pores of the skin.Apply the mask according to your skin tone and let it dry for about 10-After 20 minutes, take it out with a wet cotton ball.
At this stage, it is mainly to dip cucumber slices or cotton pads with roses.There is water on the eyes.Finally, a facial massage.Many salons may also include upper back, neck and shoulder massages in European facial massages.The beautician will massage your face, neck, back and upper part of the chest with lotion;Use different pressures and movements.
After 10-Massage and beauty treatments end after 15 minutes.Be sure to tell your beautician about any allergies to beauty products before starting treatment
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