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by:ALPHA     2019-06-21
Rolling massage is a popular type of therapeutic massage, and it has been a long time now.The following article will tell you more about the similarities and technologies it involves.With the recent increasing emphasis on alternative drugs, there are many technologies that have replaced existing ones.
One of them is rolling massage therapy.
The way this therapy works is that it values the stimulation of the body-connected tissue.It is mainly used to deal with pain associated with cervical, arthritis, tendonitis of the Achilles tendon, TMJ and Reflex Sympathetic malnutrition.This massage technique is made by Dr.Ida ROV, biochemist.It is also called rolling structure integration.
This therapy brings the vertical arrangement of certain organs of the body, I .E.Pelvis, head, shoulder, leg and chest.This therapy stretches the body's torso and raises the head and chest.Therefore, people need to use less energy and can use his muscle strength more effectively.
At the end of the rotary therapy, the human body is rebalanced by gravity.The rolling massage technique unties the tissue bound in the body and becomes so after experiencing scars and injuries.Once these blocked knots are smoothed, the effect is that muscles and bones (bent due to knots) can now correct, readjust, and balance themselves according to gravity.
Let's explain it in more detail.
Every action has an equal, opposite reaction?Correct?Similarly, the body itself has the same theme.When a muscle contract, the opposite muscle stretches.If I bend my knee, for example, the calf muscles stretch.
This is how the balance and alignment of the body is maintained, and this is actually how it should work.But many times, unnatural behavior occurs in the unity of the muscles of the system.For example, if a person bends and continues to bend while walking, then after a period of time he becomes hunchback.
This is because it works against gravity and the timeout does not align with the body.Therefore, the muscles of the back will not be given the opportunity to relax, Shorten and lose flexibility.The body then gets a signal that this is the correct posture and then causes muscle dysfunction and loss of energy.
This will therefore affect overall health.That's why this therapy is so important.This therapy also applies to the "hot spots" of the body and treats them.The hot spot is where the physical and mental trauma of the body lies.
This technique will recognize these places and then readjust the muscles of the area to achieve the correct posture.There are three stages in how this treatment is carried out.At this stage, the professional rover will examine the patient's fascia tissue, imbalance of tissue texture, temperature and quality, thus forming a picture of where the treatment should be performed.
At this stage, Rolfer will be pulled out of position by separating the layers of the fascia that have been pulled, injured or scarred.This is the final stage, and the therapist will re-adjust the body according to the gravitational field and balance it again.For the best results, the therapist will have 10 massage treatments.
.Many patients with chronic pain reported immediate relief after a rolling massage treatment.This therapy also creates a sense of rejuvenation, improved posture, coordination, regeneration of core forces, a sense of lightness, improved breathing, and overall body harmony.With these treatments, do you really want to miss it?.
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