inflatable hot tub wooden surround plans How to Build Your Own Custom Hot Tub

by:ALPHA     2019-06-14

The spa can provide a great source of relaxation during a long day of work, some physical exercise or when you just need to relax.There are many different ways to build your own custom Spa at home using a wide variety of materials and methods.Only when you have the necessary knowledge should you try to set up your own custom spaHow and when it comes to the electrical and plumbing steps of the process.Depending on your budget and preferred design type, building a custom spa can be a potentially cheap task.Choose the location of the spa and start preparing the base.Dig out an area to the size you want and cover the line with thick plastic.Before moving to the wall of the spa, pour concrete for the base and let it dry.Build walls with thermalite blocks to the height you want.Pour concrete on the ground around the spa as a walkway around the tub and help counter the pressure after the tub is filled with water.Decide where you want to put your jet in the tub and drill holes on the thermalite block.Insert the pipes through the holes, leave enough space to add the nozzles and fuselage, and fix them in place using grouting.Also consider how much space your tiles will take at the end of the project.Add a slag remover at the water level you want, and drain pipes using the same procedure as the jet tube, and fill them in place.Depending on the flexibility and material used by the pipe, it may be easier to weld the pipe together before applying the mud.All the pipes required to connect the pipes;You will use pipes of two sizes: one for air and the other for water.Connect the necessary pipes to the electric pump and filter.Add ironing boards and tiles to the spa.Choose the tile that suits the style and function you like.
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