inflatable hot tub wooden surround plans How to Support a Hot Tub on a Deck

by:ALPHA     2019-06-14

Hot tub is usually heavy: their internal side walls must be thick enough to withstand the external pressure of hundreds of gallons of water when filled, the frame that supports the inside of the box must keep the entire tub structure on the ground.When filled with water and two people, the average 8-foot-by-8-The Foot hot tub weighs about 5,000.Therefore, the deck built to support the hot tub must be strong and durablebraced.Consult the manufacturer documentation that comes with the hot tub, or if you intend to build the deck before delivery, consult the supplier for the maximum interior of the hot tubuse weight.If the device is used and therefore it is not easy to get the real weight, the website of most hot tub manufacturers will provide a comprehensive specification for each model they produce.The deck aisle of Home Improvement Warehouse usually has a free floor plan, giving very specific instructions for the dimensions of the pallet, deck board and hardware required for a variety of weight hot tub;Get such a plan and use it to make a shopping list of all the materials you need.Alternatively, you can use the package to calculate all the loads for the user and provide a list of specific requirements that support any given size hot tub.Call your local code execution office to confirm that your plan meets any instructions and load limits that your municipality may require.It is unlikely that law enforcement officers will inspect private facilities;But when the property is sold, the home inspector of the potential purchaser may noticeCode installation.Measure and mark the area you want to hand over to the deck using the paint painting of the proprietary inverted surveyor;Most home improvement warehouses have these.The deck only needs the size of the hot tub itself, but it is advantageous to have an oversized deck as a platform or towel --off area.Place the stake in the corner of your marked area and close the rope between each relative stake to form a diagonal line in the closed area.The place where the strings meet is the center;Mark the corner and mark the center.Measure each rope from the corner to the center and make four more marks in halfThe path point of each string.Remove the stakes and strings;Nine marks should be left.These are the positions of your base pier.Dig out 1-foot-At each mark, the size is the same deep hole as the bottom of the base pier you are using;The shape of most base Piers is slightly pyramid-shaped and the base is slightly larger than the top.Place exactly the same amount of builder sand in each hole and level it;It's usually 2 inch of sand.Install the pier in the hole.There are ridges at the top of the pier to prevent the support beams they support from moving from one side to the other;Make sure the ridge is aligned in the direction of the support beam you intend to install to support the deck.Use a laser level to ensure that the top is exactly the same height as the ground.Consolidate the soil or builder's sand around the pier to lock them in place and prevent water from entering the hole in the future.If the hot tub is on the ground, sign a contract with the concrete supplierInstall and discuss pouring concrete slabs instead of installing foundation piers;For large projects like this, delivering concrete is almost always cheaper than buying a bag of mixed materials yourself.If you build a deck where you used to be a lawn, dig down under the turf and enter the undisturbed soil.From one side to the other, to each corner, the excavation is fully filled with gravel, reaching the depth recommended by the concrete supplier.Cut and arrange support beams according to size, then lock them in place by fastening the end pieces-Known in the industry as "edge beam"-into place;The circular saw is ideal for this part of the project and for cutting deck boards.Using all the reinforcement hardware recommended by the floor plan, securely secure the support beam and the Edge support beam together.If you are using a pier column, all nine piers should support the beam frame evenly;If you are using a casting board, the support beam should be placed directly on the well-maintained concrete.Measure and cut the size of the deck board, and then install it horizontally above the beam.Fix them in place using proprietary deck fasteners;These are designed to resist weathering, corrosion and warping of wood.
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