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by:ALPHA     2019-06-20
The two most important steps to keep the pool safe and healthy are circulation and disinfection.While the correct water cycle requires only a pool filtration system, chemicals are required for disinfection.To achieve this, the two most common chemicals are pool chlorine and Bromo.
Although the two chemicals have certain properties and are similar in use, there are some differences between them.Depending on your personal preferences and circumstances, you may like one rather than the other.The reason why it is so important to disinfect the pool with pool chlorine or Bromo is that these chemicals can destroy the bacteria and other harmful pollutants that may exist in the pool water.
If mishandled, these contaminants may reach dangerous levels and have the potential to spread the disease and infection to swimmers.On the other hand, by following routine maintenance procedures and using the right chemicals, your pool can be a very healthy and hygienic environment.As mentioned earlier, both pool chlorine and Bromo are used to kill bacteria and contaminants.
However, each chemical has its own way of working.When added to the pool water, the chlorine in the pool breaks down into a variety of chemicals, including chlor acid and hypochlorite acid ions.These chemicals destroy and destroy microorganisms such as bacteria by attacking their cell walls and then destroying their internal enzymes and structures.
This leads to oxidation of cells, leaving them in a harmless state.Once the chlorine molecules bind with the microorganisms in this way, they become inactive and can no longer continue to disinfect the water.This is why pool chlorine must be routinely added in water.
When the pool is added to the water, brom acid is formed.Brom acid is an antioxidant and disinfectant that will react with microorganisms to make it invalid.This reaction between hypobromic acid and contaminants leads to the binding of Bromo or Bromo.
However, unlike the pool chlorine, most of the Bromo in the pool remains active even if it kills bacteria and other contaminants.Naturally, this means that there are fewer Broms needed to keep the pool sanitized compared to chlorine.However, the difference in their chemical reactions and the amount of each chemical required to maintain water health and disinfection is not the only comparison between pool chlorine and Bromo.
For example, the pool is a pre-Some swimming pool chemicals with unstable chlorine.Also, because Bromo is pre-After stabilization, it is more effective than chlorine at warm temperatures, which makes it a good choice to disinfect hot springs and hot tubs.However, the dissolution rate of the pool BR is much slower than chlorine, so it must be added to the pool via an automatic chemical feeder.
Another difference between pool chlorine and Bromo is that chlorine is a chemical that is more severe than Bromo and is more likely to cause irritation to the skin and eyes.Therefore, Bromo is usually a good choice for skin-sensitive pool owners.At the same time, however, it is important to note that the br is chlorine-Based on chemistry, so not chlorine-Free replacement for people with chlorine allergies.
The pool also produces less odor than chlorine, which is an advantage for those who find it unpleasant and irresistible.Although the pool has several advantages over chlorine, as it is not so harsh and produces fewer odors, it may be more difficult to wash the chemical smell of Bromo from the skin after swimming.In addition, the main disadvantage of using pool Bromo as disinfectant is the cost, as it is often much more expensive than chlorine.
However, if you are prone to skin or eye irritation, or are particularly sensitive to a strong smell, it may be worth using pool Bromo as a disinfectant for the pool.In deciding whether to use pool chlorine or pool Bromo to keep the pool healthy and safe, you need to consider all the pros and cons of each chemical and your special needs and circumstances.However, no matter what choice you end up making, both chemicals are available from the retailer of pool supplies.
Once you purchase everything you need, make sure you read the product instructions carefully so you can make sure you disinfect the pool in the safest and most effective way
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