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by:ALPHA     2019-06-19
Maintaining the hot tub is essential to ensure long-term safe use of the hot tub.Keep the filter clean, change the water in time, disinfect the bathtub, etc., Is some way you can keep the hot tub.Whether it's a spa or a sweet home, the maintenance of the hot tub is inevitable.
However, what factors need to be considered in the maintenance of the bathtub?Let's have a look.If the warm water is not properly handled and stored properly, it will breed microorganisms.According to usage, water must be replaced every 60 to 90 days.
Before injecting fresh water into the tub, remove the filter and place a chemical plumbing lotion to remove the bacteria.Then drain and clean the inside of the bathtub with non-foam surface cleaner.Follow this by cleaning the filter before putting it back in place.
If the filter is old, replace the filter and refill the tub.Chlorine and Bromo are commonly usedxa0For disinfection.Ideally, it takes 3-6mg/l.Bromo is present in tablet form, while chlorine is present in granular form, which helps it dissolve quickly in hot tub.
Chlorine must be in the range of 3-5mg/l.
The oxidized hot tub facilitates the monthly treatment of non-chlorine impact bathtubs.Through this treatment, the smell of sweat, cosmetics, body oil and other scents is removed.Acid and alkali levels of water must also be checked.
It is done with the help of chemical additives.On top of that, you can also use a clear pool to keep the water clear.~ Check the filter every day and keep it clean.
~ Cover the cylinder head with hot water bath.~ For your own safety, avoid mixing chemicals and measure their amount properly before use.~ Be extra careful when handling chemicals.
Spa is often used.
These are some of the things that must be done for hot tub maintenance.Also, maintenance costs are not outrageous and should not be a problem as a result
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