wooden hot tub steps with storage moving? how to successfully relocate your hot tub

by:ALPHA     2019-06-20
Moving to a new home has always been a big event in life.Although exciting, the pressure is also great.One of the main challenges you face during your move is the hot tub.
How the hell are you going to move that thing?It's not an easy job.If you can hire a professional to do it for you then you will save a lot of time and effort.But if you decide to move the hot tub yourself, here's a simple step --by-Step guide to help you complete this process.
First disconnect and remove all connections and equipment, you need to close the water at the valve and take everything apart.But before you start, take a lot of photos and even take a video or two to see how they are combined.These will be valuable references to guide you to reassemble in your new home.
All the small screws and hardware are in sealed plastic bags and don't let the items mix with a bunch of other things while moving.You want to put it together so you can reinstall the tub quickly and easily.Drain hot tub and towel dry, drain tub and dry as thoroughly as possible.
You don't want water leaking everywhere and you don't want to leave puddles on the moving van.The last thing you want is to go to the new house and unload everything when you try to lift and handle the case, only to find that half of your mobile case is soaked and disintegrated by water.Now the hot tub has been drained, dried and disassembled, carefully reclining each side and sliding two 2x 4S below to provide some support pillars.
You need to tie the tub to these brackets so that it doesn't slide down when you move it.If you can help, do not use bungee rope or rope in this work.Instead, use heavy-Nylon strap.Load the hot tub onto the moving DolliesNext and roll up a moving trolley under each stand.
You need two dolls, one on each side.
Tie dollies to a 2x4 support beam with a nylon strap, as you did in the previous step.Before you start to cross the yard, take all the straps down with a ratchet and make sure everything is fine and comfortable.Be careful to relocate the hot tub now all you have to do is roll the hot tub down the street and load it onto the moving van.
If you have a side door and driveway then you can put the truck right back in the yard, which would be much easier.Make sure it comes with a loading ramp when you rent your mobile van.If you have any questions about your ability to do this task, then it is better to call professionals, such as professionals from modern moving companiesWhen you buy your hot tub, the last thing you think about is whether it will move to a new home with you.
But now that the time has come, you will see that following these five DIY hot tub move steps, it can be done without any accidents.Wait patiently for the process and as many people as possible to help you and not do anything unsafe.Once the move is done, you will have a nice or bathtub in the new place to soak and wash those pain moving.
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