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But I was soon fascinated by these lovely things.They are also sometimes referred to as aroma lamps, perfume lamps, effusion lamps, or catalytic lamps.It originated in France and was invented by French Maurice Berger.
The Berger light was originally a scientific invention for hospitals, and today it is valued as a beauty item, pleasing the eyes and creating an atmosphere through the sense of smell.Oil is poured into the lamp body, which is made of fine porcelain, pottery, Satin glass or crystal.The lights are beautiful and romantic, making them what people are after --Over the years, some items and some Lampe Berger ships have appreciated, making them extremely collectible items and unique gifts.
Who is Morris Berg?The creator of Berger lights.Lampe Berger lamp was first used in 1898 at the pharmacy of Maurice Berger, a pharmacist in Paris, France.At first, its purpose was to purify the air through the catalytic combustion of ozoalcoho, using its antibacterial ability in hospitals and wards.
Morris Berg, the first person to obtain a patent (1897), founded Lampe Berger, the world's largest manufacturer of the device.Now there are more and more companies producing catalytic incense lamps.The lights are their own.These lights feature rich and celebrity salons.
Stylish interior.
Its peak and Lampe Berger lights are the items for collectors.came about.for you.How does Lampe Berger work?Diffusion light, disperse sesame oil using a heated stone attached to the cotton core immersed in the fuel.Molecules initially thought to cause unpleasant odors were inherently unstable, and lights were thought to speed up the decomposition process of molecules and turn them into harmless substances (such as carbon dioxide and water ), therefore, they are used in hospitals and wards to purify the air.
Although their scientific use has been suspected by some, the lamp is still popular as an air freshener and perfume dispenser.With the addition of spices to the fuel, the catalytic burner lamp becomes a incense lamp, spreading the fragrance into the air while purifying the air.Some perfumes are based on natural spices (essential oils) and are also applied to light aromatherapy.
Remove the lid from the lamp and insert a stone with a wick into the top of the wick.When the wick is pushed into a container soaked in oil, the stone remains above the opening.Then ignite the stone and let it burn about 2-3 minutes until hot enough and on fire.
The flame goes out after the stone is hot enough, but as long as there is oil in the Lampe, the catalytic stone burns.One of the by-The products of these incense lamps are low.Ozone levels, which are attributed to the "purification process" of the lamp in terms of eliminating odor ".
A new catalytic burner called a platinum core has recently been introduced.This wick is all metal and produces the same diffusion effect as the catalytic screen around the top of the wick.Since there is no open fire in the incense lamp, the incense lamp is much safer than the scented candle.
This means that, unlike scented candles, aromatic substances spread very effectively into ambient air without being burned.This lamp cannot work under open fire, so it is safer than scented candles.Its lower operating temperature also means that, unlike scented candles, aromatic hydrocarbons spread very effectively into ambient air without burning.
One of the by-The products of these incense lamps are low.Ozone levels, which are attributed to the lamp's "purification process" in reducing bacteria and eliminating odors (see below ).Everyone's sense of smell is very different.
You may be particularly sensitive to certain perfumes, and they seem to be strong to you, while others don't seem to be.Also, when you use a new perfume, it can be very strong for you in the beginning and will become weaker over time because you are used to it (similar to perfumeIf possible, it's a good idea to try the perfume before buying it, and there are a few perfumes that can be replaced from time to give your nose a chance to enjoy something new!Be extra careful when filling up the Citron lamp.Do not put lights on wooden furniture, and do not use lights without plates below.
Does Lampe Berger work? If so, are they dangerous?Well, it will work if you want to spray the room, but to know if it has any other benefits, we need to ask a question, will it purify the air?Some of the sources I used in this article pointed out that research has shown that the catalytic process can also effectively eliminate up to 85% of bacterial stops in the room within 30 hours of initial operation.Scientific evidence supports the use of these lamps because it is difficult, if not impossible, to find relevant research.One source believes that ozone has been shown to cause asthma, which can be fatal if you have certain health conditions that can cause breathing difficulties.
Ozone can remove odors, viruses and bacteria, but can only be removed at dangerous high concentrations.Ozone is highly reactive;.In an experiment conducted in 1992, after the introduction of ozone, the total concentration of organic chemicals in the air increased rather than decreased.Blinded by Science?Of course I am.After doing all the research, I will go and look for the Berger lights, especially the Limoges porcelain, because they are such lovely items, with a long history and such an attractive collection, but I don't think I will light them up on a regular basis.
I will stick to the candles or look for the reed diffuser to get the scent of the room!Baccarat ranges from 10 euros to 1 euro for 1,342 euros.Get collecting!What is Reed diffuser?Reed Diffuser is an oil container containing hollow reed, which is drained by capillary action.This leads to a natural, gentle background fragrance, unlike harsh chemical Chambers-Lotion Spray.
Is Reed diffuser a safer alternative to Berger lights?Since they don't use electricity or fire-lit flames, there is no fire hazard, so you can think of these as better alternatives to Berger lights in modern life, and keep collector items on your beautiful Berger shelves.This is the title of the exhibition held in St Yrieixla-Advanced Perche-Vienna, France.A small but very charming collection of lamps, boxes and pictures/posters depicting the ever-changing uses and forms of lamps from concept to today's Berger.
In addition, Limoges porcelain and lampeberger porcelain are also highlighted.Open from June 1z-darsy@saint-yrieix.www.saint-yrieix.If you are interested in Berger lamps, lamps made of Limoges porcelain or other porcelain, why not go shopping in limuzan?You can choose your own Lampe Berger.We will be able to help you with your shopping tour of Limoges porcelain.
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