wooden lampshade base How to Make a Beer Can Lamp

by:ALPHA     2019-06-07

You can recycle beer cans into lights in a few simple steps.These lights provide great decorations or gifts for anyone who likes the cold.Use a prefabricated fixture kit to make the project easier.There are two options for the construction of beer lamps: one is a single tank protected and displayed with a transparent pipe, and the other is a flat tank connected to the outside of the wooden base.Choose your preferences and break your tin cut.Singular stack.Dig a hole in the bottom of each jar to get your plug through.In order to accommodate the plug, it may be necessary to expand the opening at the top of the beer can.Feed the wire through the jar and slide the acrylic tube over the stack.(It may be necessary to stack the cans together using liquid nails or glue.Wooden base.Cut the top and bottom of the jar.Cut a seam on the side of the cylinder of the jar to form a flat aluminum plate.These flat sheets can then be attached to the wooden base with small nails or liquid nails of various patterns.Drill a small hole to the bottom of the acrylic or wooden base to pass the light rope through.If your lamp kit comes with the plug already connected, you can drill a small notch at the bottom of the lamp to hold the wires.Feed the wire through the lamp base and then connect the socket and plug as indicated by the lamp kit.Cover it in the shade and your beer can light.
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