wooden lampshade base How to Make a Spinning Lamp

by:ALPHA     2019-06-07

The sports lamps popular in the 1950 s were made up of cylindrical lamps with colored acetate fibers.The heat of the bulb inside the cylinder makes the picture rotate.Although you can still find these lights in the vintage store, you can make a simple version at home with the colors and images of your choice.Cut a acetate film about 12 inch long.Spread out on a flat surface and color it in any way you like with a permanent mark.Try to keep the pictures colorful and simple with line art.Don't touch ink;You erase the picture.Let it dry for at least an hour.Get the acetate into the cylinder and fix it with a clear glue point.Measure at the top of the cylinder and add 1/2 to the measurement.Divide the measurement results into two halves and adjust the math compass to the final measurement.For example, a 5 inch wide tube needs to be adjusted to a compass of 2 3/4 inch.Draw a circle in the center of the aluminum cake plate.Cut the circle and poke a hole in the middle with scissors.Cut into the circle 6 times and stop about 1/2 in front of the hole in the center.Place your cut evenly around the circle and create six uniform "wings ".Twist each wing at 45 degreesTilt the angle to the right.Bend the last 1/1/4 of each wing down 90-degree angle.Stick the curved part of the wing to the outside of the acetate cylinder.Slide the center hole of the lampshade down to the top of the lampshade harp on your lamp.The lights with flat wooden bases work best.The harp is an electric loop that circles the bulb and has a tip pointing to the lampshade.It rotates when the shade is warm.
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