wooden round jacuzzi spa hot tub How Much Chemicals to Use When Refilling a Hot Tub

by:ALPHA     2019-06-12

The maintenance of the hot tub is important for your health.Bacteria can grow in warm spa water without proper chemical treatment.Your hot tub should be drained and refilled every three to four months.Wash the hot tub with a sponge and bleach mixed with water, rinse with a hose and dry with a clean towel.When you refill the hot tub with fresh water, it must be treated with a balanced mixture of chemicals.Testing the water with a test kit will tell you when the chemicals are balanced and when the hot tub is properly protected.There are several chemicals used to keep the hot tub.A chlorine tablet, like a Bromo, Nuggets, or crystal, is used as a disinfectant in a floating feeder.Riguanide is not-chlorine, non-A bromide disinfectant that kills bacteria.Ozone is used in conjunction with ozone generator equipment, reducing the number of disinfectants required.Spa minerals are used in floating feeders that slowly release minerals and reduce the amount of disinfectant required.Oxidation of water using an impact oxidation device;They prevent turbid water and eliminate body grease, dead skin and cosmetics and lotion.The home test kit is available and will serve as a guide to water balance in hot tub.The test shows the pH balance and alkaline level of the hot tub.You need a home test kit to refill your hot tub;These are the places where you buy spa chemicals.The pool and spa chemicals have complete kits for replenishing the spa and it takes a lot of speculation to use the right chemicals.Most home repair shops provide water testers in the swimming pool and spa chemical channels while maintaining your spa.Take a sample of a hot tub and the tester will tell you what is unbalanced, what kind of chemicals should be added, and how many chemicals should be added.There are many brands of spa chemicals to choose from and different hot tubs of different sizes.The quantity of chemicals depends on the chemicals you buy.The label will detail the quantity of shock agents, disinfectants, chlorine tablets and all other chemicals used for refilling.Purchase supplementary kits from your spa provider;This will include all the chemicals you need and make the process easy.Test your water according to the test instructions and suggested level information on the label.Clean hot tub filters using professional filters-Clean products every month.Clean the hot water bath head every month with a cleaning solution with UV protection to prevent sunlight damage.
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